WODS for the Week of 8.4.19

Congratulations to Melissa Wistrom!

Shout out to Melissa who finished her second straight appearance at the Crossfit Games in Madison, WI. She finished 7th in the world in her age group (40-44). Awesome work. All at Crossfit Springfield Endurance say congrats.

Short Interval Monday 8.5.19 @5:30 pm


Six rounds for time.

Six Rounds x400 meter runs.

Try to increase your pace each round.

You will rest two (2) minutes in between 400 meter intervals.

The rest will assist you in a good recovery.


The goal is to hit your paces each interval and try to get a good recovery. Attack each interval.


You will score each interval separately for six total scores.

hills have eyes

45 minutes AMRAP:

You will perform as many intervals in 45 minute time frame. You will start the normal CFE start line. Your course will be to the 400m turnaround and then across the street down the sidewalk towards the bridge. You will continue to run until you have ran over the bridge on the east side. You will run back the same way. Repeat this sequence for 45 minutes for as many intervals as possible.


The goal is to maintain a pace and push yourself as needed. Be sure to look out for traffic also.


The total amount of intervals achieved in the time cap. Your run to and over the bridge is one. The run back is two and so on. If you finish over halfway during an interval this will count as one interval.

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