WODS for the Week of 8.18.19

Wodfest 2019!

Congratulations to several of our athletes who participated at Wodfest 2019 at Crossfit JOMO.  Chelsea Houser and Sarah Sharp finished second in there division. Jacob Thompson and Nick Delamora finished third in there respective division also. Good job peeps.  When you see them this week give them a congratulations.

WODS for the Week of 8.18.19

What the ......

Partner WOD

Thirty Six Minute Running Clock:

Ten Minutes: (0:00 to 10:00)

Partner A and Partner B will stage at the fifty (50) meter mark. Partner A pushes sled fifty meters and then will run back to partner B. Partner B will run fifty meters to sled and push back fifty (50) meters. You will continue this sequence for ten minutes. You will score total amount of sled pushes in the time frame. The sled will be empty.

Rest 3:00 minutes. (10:00 to 13:00)

Ten Minutes: (13:00 to 23:00)

Each pair of athletes will run together and do 50 meter shuttle sprints together as a pair. Each athlete cannot advance until they both touch cone.  Score will be the total amount of shuttle sprints in the time frame.

Rest 3:00 minutes. (23:00 – 26:00)

Ten Minutes: (26:00 to 36:00)

Athletes will stage by assault bikes.  Partner A will run down ramp and touch building across from the gym. Partner B will start accumulating calories on the assault bike. When Partner A finishes run, Partner B will get off bike and run. Partner A will start pedaling for calories. Score will be total amount of calories.


There will be three scores for this wod:

Total Sled Pushes

Total amount of shuttle sprints.

Total Calories on Assault Bike.

east bound and down

You will run the following sequence:

1000 m run Easy to Moderate Pace; Rest 3:00

400 m run Fast Pace: Rest :60 seconds

800 m run Easy to Moderate Pace; Rest 2:00

300 m run Fast Pace: Rest :60 seconds

600 m run Easy to Moderate Pace; Rest :60 seconds

200 m run Fast Pace; Rest :60

400 m run Easy to Moderate Pace then right into 100m run Fast Pace.


This WOD will be for total time.


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