WODS for the Week of 9.15.18

Its been an awesome Summer!  Get it?

It seems like every weekend it seems like the Runds are runding to do something. That’s pretty punny isn’t it. Congrats to Summer Rund for taking second overall in her age category (40-44) with a time of 49:12. She also finished fifth overall in all female racers at the Top of the Rock Six Miler in Ridgedale, MO. Also check out Summer’s awesome pose running form even while she is celebrating! Way to represent CFE.

Congrats and keep Runding!


Monday Short Interval 9.16.19 @5:30 pm

kind of want to........

You will perform for time.

Run 10×200 meters at a pace as fast you can maintain.

After each 200 meter run you will perform 2 burpees. You will add two (2) burpees after each 200 meter interval ran.



For the rope climb, accumulate 100 ft total before moving on to the final run. If you are climbing a 15 ft rope, 7 ascents are required (round up from 6.67)

rX Plus would be to wear a 20/14 lb weight vest.

Scaled options

Single Unders

Ring Rows/Jumping Pull Ups for rope climbs. Perform 10 ring rows or 10 Jumping pull ups.

Options for the burden run since we have no sandbags.

One KB 55/35

One Plate 45/25

You can also just run the 1000 meters for a scaling option.

You can also partner up for this WOD also.

Background: This British Hero WOD is dedicated to David Fairbrother of the 42 Commando Royal Marines, who paid the ultimate price in combat on Sept. 19, 2011, while leading a foot patrol in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Royal Marine Fairbrother was 24 years old.

On the day of his death, Royal Marine Fairbrother was leading a joint foot patrol with elements of the Afghan army when they were suddenly ambushed. During the exchange, Royal Marine Fairbrother was wounded by gunfire and died shortly thereafter.

We first found this Hero WOD posted on British Hero WOD’s Facebook page (@britishherowods) on September 18, 2016.


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