WODS for the Week of 9.22.19

Heart of America Team Competition!


We’re a few days away from The 2019 Heart of America Team Competition.
#HOA2019 Kicks Off Friday Sept 27th.
2pm: Mandatory Athlete Briefing of E1-3.
2:45pm: Opening Ceremonies
3:30pm – 5:50pm: 40+ Division E1
5:50pm – 6:30pm: 30+ Division E1
6:30pm – 7:40pm: Scaled Division E1
7:40pm – 8:50pm: RX Division E1
580 Athletes representing 70+ CrossFit affiliates and gyms from across the Midwest & beyond will compete in 8 events over 3 Days.
Food. Vendors. Beer Garden. FUN. Spectator Pass Link In Bio.
The 2019 @hoacompetition Proudly Presented by @1stphorm & @junkbrands

WODS for the Week of 9.22.19

Due to the Heart of America Competition we will only be having our normally scheduled Monday class at 5:30 pm.

special sauce

Workout Description:


300m at FAST pace (Mile PR Pace)

100m at easy recovery pace

100m at FAST pace or better (Below Mile PR pace)

100m at easy recovery pace

No rest between reps, 2:00 rest between rounds

Workout Detail:

This should be a good challenge and focus on hitting your paces and work on the recovery. Individual athletes will run to the 600 meter turnaround mark. At the 600 meter mark you will then perform recovery jog back to the 400 meter turnaround mark. At the 400 meter turnaround mark, you will then run your 100 meter Fast pace to the 200 meter turnaround mark.  From there you will perform the 100 meter recovery jog back to the start line.

Your Pace:

The pace for this workout should be at your Mile PR pace or below minus the recovery jogs.

Your Score:

The workout will have five separately scored rounds.

Methodology:   V02 Max     Total Distance: 3000m=1.86 miles

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