WODS for the Week of 10.13.19

Fall Weather is upon us!

This week there will be some great weather to come out and join us for some bridge work and we will attempt to repeat a workout from last week.  Looking forward to a great week.

Monday Short Interval 10.14.19 @5:30 pm


Thirty Minute Time Cap.

You and a partner will perform bridge repeats over and back for a thirty minute time cap.  Each pair will run over and back holding a rope together. After each bridge repeat, each pair will rest :30 seconds together, then repeat.

Total Score:

This will be the total amount of repeats each pair achieves in the time cap. Each time  a pair runs over and back will be considered one rep or interval/repeat.

Thursday Long Interval 10.17.19

pace it, pace it real good

Coach Warm Up and Pose Running Drills,


4 sets

Each set you will run

800 meter run (Moderate)/100 m Walk;

400 meter run (Moderate-Fast)/100 m Walk;

200 meter run (Fast).

Rest 3:00 minutes.

Your focus will be on hitting your 200 meter pace each time.


800 meter run moderate pace based on 8:00 Mile PR pace= 3:58 pace. Your goal is between :02-:03 seconds per 100 m. Your pace will be 4:14 to 4:22.

400 meter run moderate/fast pace based on 8:00 Mile PR pace= 1:59 pace. Your goal is between :02-:03 seconds per 100 m. Your pace will be 1:59 to 2:11.

200 meter run fast pace based on 8:00 Mile PR pace= :59. Your goal is :59 or below.

Focus: You will try to hit your paces each set. Focus primarily on hitting the moderate paces. Don’t go faster than your supposed to. The 200 m runs hit below your MILE PR pace each time. This is scored separately, so you will know where your paces are each set.

Distance: 6400 meters.

Score: Score each set separately.

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