WODS for the Week of 10.20.19

October Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

This month we are focusing on another campaign and will be honoring another form of hero.  Our monthly HERO wod will be in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness and the heroes who have battled and survived breast cancer.

Be sure to check out our weekly wods for more details. We are also encouraging our athletes to wear pink during our weekly programming.  Never Give Up.

WODS for the Week of 10.20.19

Monday Short Interval 10.21.19 @5:30 pm


Three Rounds:

150 m Sprint

150m Easy Jog/Walk

300m Fast

:30 second rest

300m Easy to Moderate.

:30 second rest

300m Fast

150m Easy Jog/Walk

150 m Sprint.

Rest 3:00 minutes.

Workout Focus:

The focus will be to hit your 300M fast intervals.

Your Score:

Total Time for all three rounds.

Your Pace:

Easy= Slow pace to aid recovery.

Moderate= :02 to :03 seconds slower per 100m. This will range from :06 – :09 seconds slower than your MILE PR pace.

Fast= Mile PR pace or faster.

Sprint= As fast as you can maintain for entire duration.

Total Distance:

4500 meters

HERO WOD Thursday Long Interval 10.24.19 @5:30 pm


We will be doing a long interval run for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The course will start at the normal CFE start line. We will run to the 400m turnaround mark and then across street and then commence over the bridge down the path to S. Fort Avenue. Once we reach S. Fort, the runners will turnaround and commence back over the bridge and down the path to Nathaniel Greene Park.  You will run around lake and then back out of the park.  The race path will continue southbound on S. Austin Ave towards W. Woodland St. Hang a left at W. Woodland St. towards the gym. You will continue down W. Woodland St. all the way back to the gym.  Hang a left towards the gym and downhill stretch back to CFE start line. The coaches will better explain the route on day of the WOD. Take a look at the technical diagram of the run course.

Be sure to wear pink this week during our WODS.

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