WODS for the Week of 10.17.19

Happy Halloween!

This week we will be having a Halloween WOD, so we are encouraging everyone to dress up if you want for our Monday class. There will be no class on Thursday so everyone can enjoy the night with there kids and hand out candy.

Monday Short Interval 10.28.19 @5:30 pm


Thirty Two Minute Running Clock:

Every four minutes each athlete will run a 600 meter run. Your goal is to run the meters within the time cap. You will rest the remaining time until the next interval.

There will be a total of eight (8) intervals.

If your up against the time cap or not getting sufficient rest then scale down to 500 to 400 meters per interval.

Your Focus:

The goal is to run the prescribed distance within the time frame. The pace will be determined by each athlete.

Your Score:

You will record one score. Please record your slowest time interval.




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