WODS for the Week of 11.17.19

WODDYS 2019!

Get ready for The 2019 CrossFit Springfield WODDYS! Our biggest party of the year is Saturday, Dec. 7th from 7:00pm – 11:00pm

What to expect:

•7:00-8:00pm Red Carpet & SELFIE BOOTH 🤳 : Mix and Mingle Cocktail Hour with Heavy Appetizers
•Announcement of the 2019 Will Thompson NEVER QUIT Award
•Live DJ (DJ CEO)
•Bring your own drinks 🍹
•Come one, come all! Open seating👌🏽.
•The WODDYS are a celebration of our community and all those who have been impacted by our mission.
•Open invite to all members, former members, and non-members.
•Cocktail Attire/Dress to impress.
•Tix $20 each available by commenting below, sign up at the front desk of CFS or email admin@crossfit-springfield.com. (Wodify will be billed unless otherwise specified) ❤️🏆🖤


We also are still taking donations for the Turkey Gone Bad race on Thanksgiving Day!

Please see the link below if you choose to make online donations also:


WODS for the Week of 11.17.19

Long Interval Monday 11.18.19 @5:30 pm

i was a rowing

Two Sets:

Row and Run Workout

Set 1:

6 minutes row at Easy Pace. Recover jog to start line.

500 m Run at Faster Pace than a Mile PR pace.

Jog back to Rower.

4 minute row at Easy pace.

300 m Run at Fastest Pace.

2 minute row easy pace.

100 m Run Max Effort.

Rest 2:00

Set 2:

400 m row Max Effort.

200 m recovery Jog.

800 m row Max Effort.

400 m Recovery jog.

1200 m row Max Effort.


Your score will be total time to complete the row and running.

Short Interval Thursday 11.21.19 @5:30 pm

tick tick tick tick tock

Twenty Four Minute Running Clock:

Six Minute Clock:

400 m Fast Pace.

Rest :60 seconds

400 m Fast Pace.

Rest remaining time.

Eight Minute Clock:


Run 100 meters.

Ten Minute Clock:

Each athlete has ten minutes to complete the sequence of runs in any order they choose. You must go to the turnaround mark each time.

50 m run

100 m run

200m run

300 m run

400 m run

500 m run.

Your score will be the time it takes you to complete the last ten minute increment.


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