WODS for the Week of 12.15.19

Good Luck Alex!

Crossfit Springfield Endurance is recognizing athlete,  Alex Tharp.  Alex ships off to Ft. Benning, GA for twenty two (22) weeks in order to complete basic infantry training with the Army.   After his basic training, Alex’s goal is completing eight (8) weeks of RASP (Ranger Assault Program).  His ultimate goal is to complete Airborne School and further his military career as US Army Ranger.  Alex’s father was a military veteran.  Alex wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and achieve a lifelong goal to be in the Army and serve his country.  We admire Alex for the desire and dedication to serve our country.   Alex works hard every endurance class and has no quit.  He has been attending classes since the summer with a goal to get into shape for his upcoming training. Due to the fact he was often ahead of everyone else, we only saw his back during the workout. Good Luck Alex.  We commend you and wish you the best in your journey and travels.

WODS for the Week of 12.15.19

Monday 12.16.19 @5:30 pm

allisons road

Five Minute AMRAP:

700 meter Row

7 Burpees Over Rower

25 Double Unders

Rest 3:00

For Time:

30/24 Calories Assault Bike

Rest 3:00

Five Minute AMRAP

500 meter Row

5 Burpees Over Rower

25 Double Unders

Rest 3:00

For Time:

20/15 Calories Assault Bike

Five Minute AMRAP

300 meter row

3 Burpees Over Rower

25 Double Unders

Rest 3:00

For Time:

15/12 Calories Assault Bike


Score: Each AMRAP separately, as well as total time for each bike interval.

HERO WOD Thursday @5:30 pm

The 21-minute workout and 21 repetitions signify a 21-gun salute, with an exercise for each of the five Branches of the Military. A 21 Gun Salute is the US’ highest display of honor.  In honor of our service members during the holiday season.

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