WODS for the Week of 1.06.20

Happy New Year!

We want to welcome you to a new year and looking forward to another great year of programming and pushing our athletes to be the best they can be as an athlete and person.

Monday Short Interval 1.06.20 @5:30 pm

21 minutes

Workout Description:

7 Rounds:

Minute One:  12/9 Calories Assault Bike

Minute Two:  35 Double Unders (Scale with 70 singles)

Minute Three:  Max Burpee box-over 24/20

Rest :60 seconds

Repeat cycle for 7 rounds or 21 minutes of work total. The clock will be set for twenty seven (27) minutes total.

Workout Detail:

Just get through the reps as prescribed in the first two minutes. The third minute is max burpee box overs.

Your Score:

You will score the total amount of burpee box overs completed over the seven (7) rounds.

After the WOD the class will have some abs with Allison.

Thursday Long Interval 1.09.20 @5:30 pm

stretch it out

Thirty Minute Running Clock:

Five Minutes:

1000/800 meter row/ski remaining time rest.

One Minute:

10/10 Round of Annie

Double Unders and Sit ups

Four Minutes:

800/600 meter row/ski

Two Minutes:

20/20 Round of Annie

Three Minutes:

600/400 meter row/ski

Three Minutes:

30/30 Round of Annie

Two Minutes:

400/200 meter row/ski

Four Minutes:

40/40 Round of Annie

One Minute:

200/100 meter row/ski

Five Minutes:

50/50 Round of Annie.


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