WODS for 2.2.20

Super Bowl Hangover?

The Super Bowl party have you feeling not so well. Come join us this week to clean out all of the food and beverages.

Monday 2-3-20, @5:30 pm

tri sprint

Thirty Minute Running Clock:

22 Minutes:


16/12 Cals Ski

12/8 Cals Assault Bike

400 Meter Run

Rest 3:00

Remaining Time (5:00) Farmers Carry 70/55

You will use the lanes in the back lot.  These are approximately 20-25 meters.

You will score total reps and total meters of farmers carry.

Thursday 2.6.20 @5:30 pm

bear trap

Partner WOD

2000 M Row. Switch every 250 meters.

1600 M Run. Switch every 400 meters.

120 Double Unders. Each person must perform 120.

80/60 Calories Assault Bike. Switch every 10 calories.

40 Burpee Box Overs 24/20. Over and Back then switch.

20 Bear Crawls. Rig to Rig. Partner A goes, then Partner B. Keep up this scheme for all 20 reps.





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