WODS for the Week of 3.1.20

CFE March Monthly Challenge.

We would like to thanks to all those who participated in our February CFE Monthly Challenge with the Assault Bike.
The month of March will bring on a new challenge and it will involve the the C2 Rower.
The focus will be on short quick intervals and hitting calorie goals each interval.
If you can’t get in the gym and get the challenges completed. Don’t Worry. Just move on to the next day and keep moving forward.
Never Give Up.

Week One: Rowing Monthly Challenge

Before each challenge do some stretching and 400 meter warm up row.
Monday 3.2.20:
6x:30 seconds; Rest :30 seconds B/T intervals.
5/3 calories within each :30 second interval.
Tuesday 3.3.20:
8x:30 seconds; Rest :30 seconds B/T intervals.
6/4 calories within each :30 second interval.
Wednesday 3.4.20:
Rest Day/Make Up Day.
Thursday 3.5.20:
10x:30 seconds; Rest :30 seconds B/T intervals.
7/5 Calories within each :30 second interval.
Friday 3.6.20
10x:30 seconds; Rest :30 seconds B/T intervals.
Max Calorie Effort each :30 second interval. Attempt to match the highest calories possible in each effort.
If you have questions, feel free to comment and or hit me up at the gym.
Also be aware of your surroundings and allow the regular Group Classes to have the floor space for there regular scheduled classes.


Running Again!

As the winter weather starts to fade and the temps start getting a little warmer, we will start the journey in running again. Be patient and soon we will be pounding the pavement.

Monday 3.2.20 @5:30 pm

cap it

Partner WOD:

30 Minute Running Clock:

Each partner will alternate 300 meter runs.

While one athlete is running the other athlete will perform one round of the following below while the other athlete is running. Choose a weight that you can cycle thru the reps quickly.

5 Thrusters (Weight to be determined by athletes)

1 Rope Climb

Your score will be total rounds completed as a pair.

Thursday 3.4.20 @5:30 pm

the long road home

45 Minute Running Clock:

2000 meter run (If weather is bad, row 2000/1750 meters)

Rest 2:00 minutes from time you complete the run.

Then 7 Minute AMRAP.

Max Dumbbell Step Up

Males: 24 inch/40 lbs (2 Dumbbells)

Females: 20 inch/25 (2 Dumbbells)

Rest 2:00 minutes.

1000 meter run for time (If weather is bad, row 1000/750)





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