WODS for Week of 4.26.20

WODS for the Week of 4.26.2020

Crossfit Endurance Class is Hard!

WODS for the Week of 4.26.2020

WOD #1:


Back by popular demand.

It’s not 200 burpees, but there is alot of them.

Ten Rounds:

Run 200 meters then perform 2 burpees.

(After each additional 200m interval you will add two (2) burpees)

So the progression will be:

200 m run,  2 Burpees,

200 m run, 4 Burpees,

200m run, 6 Burpees,

200m run, 8 Burpees,

200m run, 10 burpees,

200 m run, 12 burpees,

200m run, 14 burpees,

200m run, 16 burpees,

200 m run, 18 burpees,

200 m run, 20 burpees.

You will be running a total of 2000m and 110 burpees.

suck me sideways

WOD #2:

3x600m Moderate Pace run;

Moderate pace will be generally :02/:03 seconds per 100m ran. For the 600 meter runs you will be :12 to :18 seconds slower than your Mile PR pace for the 600m run.

1:00 rest between 600m intervals.

4:00 minute rest in between rounds.

This will be a intensive longer workout if your looking to get in your miles this workout. The estimated mileage will 3.35 miles.

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