WODS for week of 5.3.20



Happy Birthday J. We can’t wait to be back at the gym again and looking forward to moving forward and pushing through the obstacles put in front of us. Your leadership and servant attitude gives us hope of moving forward and blazing the path to bigger and better things.

Warm Up /Routine

Suggested Warm Up prior to our weekly programming.

  1. Leg Swings Side to Side then Front to Back. Perform 20-30 swings per leg.
  2. Calf Stretch against wall, rig, curb.
  3. Over the Hurdle – Knee over hurdle. Chest up, Focus on heel to toe movement.
  4. Knee to Chest
  5. Figure Four – grab bottom of foot, pull up ankle to chest. Alternate feet for 1-2 second pause.
  6. Lunge- Don’t Arch Back; push palm in air for additional stretch.
  7. Lunge with Torso Twist.
  8. Toe Touch- Toe up grab with opposite hand.
  9. Soldier Kick – Kick opposite foot to hand.
  10. High Knees
  11. Butt Kickers
  12. One Leg High Knee Skip – Pull Same Leg in a high knee fashion. Pull leg, stutter step, Pull leg so on.
  13. Toes Out Walk
  14. Toes In Walk
  15. Walk on Heels
  16. Walk on Toes
  17. Run 30 meters x2 Jog
  18. Run 40 meters x2 Jog
  19. Run 50 meters x2 Jog to Run
  20. Run 100 meters x2 Run at fast as your legs will let you.


Short Interval Work: 5.4.2020

Thirty Six Minute Running Clock:

Every four (4) minutes each athlete will run 400 meters. Push a fast pace (Mile PR pace). Try to stay within a 3-5 second window +/- of your intervals.

Additional options:

Run 300 meters within the time cap.

Run 2:00 minutes and rest 2:00 minutes.

You will score nine rounds individually.

Long Interval Work: 5.7.2020

Mile Time Trial.

This will be established a CFE Benchmark WOD.  This is a good time to establish your MILE PR Pace, regardless of the time.  Once you establish your MILE PR pace, then we can help you lower that time.

Perform a ten to fifteen minute warm up prior to running your time trial.  Refer to above stretching routine.

Focus on staying within your mile pace and push when needed. Each person is different when it comes to running for a time trial. Find your rhythm and go for it.

For those who ran a mile last week, compare your times from last week.

Hints to running a fast mile time trial:

  1.  Run Fast
  2. No distractions like ear buds or phone in the hand.
  3. Find someone to partner up with to push your pace.
  4. Focus on your 400 meter splits. This will give you a good indication of your pace.
  5. Keep Moving and Go Hard.





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