WODS for the Week of 5.31.20

Sunny Days This Week!

Looks like a good week to be outside and get some Vitamin D.

Come join us this week.

Short Interval 6.1.20 @5:30 pm


6:00 of 100m sprints on 0:30, rest 3:00;

4:00 of 100m sprints on 0:30, rest 2:00,

2:00 of 100m sprints on 0:30

This is a short and fast workout so be prepared for limited rest and pushing the intervals.

Please scale appropriately to 50 to 75 meters if you cannot maintain the 100m intervals or run 100 meters and rest remaining minute EMOM style.

Methodology:    Speed

Total Distance:      2400 meters

Scoring:     Score will be total amount of intervals completed within time cap. There will be a total of 24 total intervals to be scored.

Long Interval 6.4.20 @5:30 pm


5 x 500m run, 100m walk

Rest 90 seconds

4 x 400m run, 100m walk

Rest 90 seconds

3 x 300m run, 100m walk

Perform each interval set with just 100m walk in between reps. Rest 90 seconds between sets. During the 100m walk, focus on bringing your breathing under control, clearing the fatigue from your legs, and being ready to accelerate right into the next interval once you cross the 100m return mark.

Intervals will be paced off your 1-mile PR time. As the volume builds during this workout and the fatigue begins to set in–work to hold your paces.

Methodology:    Aerobic Threshold

Total Distance:      5000m

Scoring:     WOD is for total time



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