WODS for the Week of 6.28.2020

Happy Fourth of July!

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July this week. Help us celebrate this week by joining our classes on Monday and Thursday night.  Let’s celebrate our freedoms this week and move forward in celebrating our independence this week.

WODS for the Week of 6.28.20

Short Interval 6.29.20 @5:30 pm


2 Sets:

10x(1 minute at any speed),

:15 second rest in between each :60 second interval.

Each set will be have ten (10) reps (:60 second runs).  The basic format is to run one way for :60 seconds, rest :15 seconds and then match the same distance on the return run back to start line.

You will attempt to match your distance each :60 second interval.

Rest 3:00 minutes between sets.


Each runner will pick there preferred workout speed. Run the first interval while looking at your watch. Stop running after 1 minute. Mark your forward progress. After resting :15 seconds, run back to your original starting point. No looking at your watch until you reach your original starting point. Complete until you complete 10 reps. Rest 3:00 minutes then repeat.


Find a sustainable pace you can maintain for all intervals. Performance in this workout is not based on your speed.

Performance is judged on your ability to consistently pace each 1 minute interval by running the same exact distance.


PIck a pace equal to a max effort speed you can maintain for 15 minutes (nonstop).

Long Interval 7.2.20 @5:30 pm

brace for impact

We will end the week with the BRACE for IMPACT workouts in a partner style workout. We will keep the integrity of the workouts but make some adjustments to incorporate a partner style workout.

You and a partner will pick one of the available options to complete.  Each pair can partition the runs or reps as needed for the workouts of your choosing.

Here are available options for the partner WOD:

Option 1:

Run 3 miles

100 burpees.

Option 2:

Run 3 Miles

100 push ups/200 sit ups/300 air squats

Option 3:

Run 3 Miles

300 calories on any device.

Option 4:

This will be rX Plus Option with a Weight Vest 20/14 lbs.

Run 3 Miles

100 Burpees

300 calories on any device

100 push ups/200 situps/300 air squats




WODS for the Week of 6.21.20

Happy Fathers Day!

We would like to shout out to all of the fathers who strive to be role models and mentors to our kids. This is a tough job, but fatherhood is a wonderful thing.  Happy Fathers Day!

WODS for the WEEK of 6.21.2020

Monday Short Interval 6.22.2020

flying start

5 Sets:

150m Fast or Faster; focus matching or beating your previous time. This will be as fast as you can.

Your starting point will begin 5 Steps from starting line. It is designed to provide you a full running start into your 150 meter sprint.

150 meter recovery walk back to starting line, then,

400m moderate pace. The moderate pace will be based on your Mile PR pace.  You will run :08 to :12 seconds slower than your Mile PR pace.

Rest 2:00 minutes between sets.

Thursday Long Interval 6.25.2020

okey dokey

600 meter moderate pace. This will be :12 to :18 seconds slower than your Mile PR Pace.

600 meter Easy jog.

800 meter Moderate pace. This will be :16 to :24 seconds slower than your Mile PR pace.

400 meter Easy Jog.

1000 meter Moderate Pace. This will be :20 seconds to :30 seconds slower than your Mile PR pace.

200 meter easy Jog.

1200 meter Fast Pace. This will be at  your Mile PR pace. This is designed to be as fast as possible in your Mile PR pace.




WODS for the Week of 6.14.20


Come join us this week for HERO WOD “JERRY.”

WODS for the Week of 6.14.20

Monday 6.15.2020 @5:30 pm

sticking point

5 Sets:

200m run at fast pace as possible (95% of max effort);

200m easy recovery pace;

400m as fast pace as possible (95% of max effort)

100m walk

Rest 3:00 minutes

Why 5 Sets?

Athletes must realize that all workouts have an emotional and mental sticking point. This sticking point is where most athletes want to quit, where a workout gets real, where negative thought grips the mind.

What round do you think will be your sticking point?

How much pain do you think will be your sticking point?

The secret is evaluating your perceived amount of pain at the sticking point vs. actual pain that you’ll experience during the workout.

HERO WOD Thursday 6.18.2020 @5:30 pm


If rowers are programmed we will use ski ergs.

Check out this video:






WODS for the Week of 6.7.20

Hot Days are a Coming!

Tips for Hot Weather:

  1. Keep an eye on the weather. Respect your body and know your limitations.
  2. Dress Appropriately.  Light colored, sweat wicking clothing is best.
  3. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.

Heat exhaustion is a milder form of heat-related illness that can develop after several days of exposure to high temperatures, and inadequate or unbalanced replacement of fluids.

Signs of heat exhaustion include:

  • Heavy sweating
  • Muscle cramps
  • Fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Dark urine
  • Cool, moist skin

Monday Short Interval 6.8.20 @5:30 pm


Buy In: Stage at start line and run to the 500 meter mark and back to your bike.

Ten Rounds:

10/7 Cals Assault Bike

20 Meter Sled Push. Athletes will determine their own weight for the workout.

Buy Out:  After last sled push, run to the 500 meter mark and back to the CFE start line.

Stage Bikes and Sleds on the West Side of the gym.

Methodology:    Speed/Strength Endurance

Total Distance:      1000 meter runs; 200 meter sled push; 100 calories.

Scoring:     Total Time.

Thursday Long Interval 6.11.20 @5:30 pm

pacetastic voyage

MODERATE: This is slower than your mile PR pace. Moderate pace depends on your volume and typically 1-2 seconds/100M slower and so on.  Unless the the volume is significant, and you would add more per 100M.  It also would depend on the variable you are trying to manipulate such as intensity, volume, or recovery. Not Distance.

800m at Moderate Pace, :60 second rest;

400m at Moderate Pace, :60 second rest;

600m at Moderate Pace, :60 second rest.

Rest 2:00 minutes.

2x400m at Moderate Pace , :40 second rest B/T

2x200m at Moderate Pace, :40 second rest B/T

2x300m at Moderate Pace, :40 second rest B/T

Rest 2:00

4x200m at Moderate Pace, :20 second rest B/T

4x100m at Moderate Pace, :20 rest B/T

4x150m at Moderate Pace, :20 rest B/T

Methodology:    Aerobic and Lactate Threshold

Total Distance:     5400 meters

Scoring:     Total Time.