WODS for the Week of 6.28.2020

Happy Fourth of July!

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July this week. Help us celebrate this week by joining our classes on Monday and Thursday night.  Let’s celebrate our freedoms this week and move forward in celebrating our independence this week.

WODS for the Week of 6.28.20

Short Interval 6.29.20 @5:30 pm


2 Sets:

10x(1 minute at any speed),

:15 second rest in between each :60 second interval.

Each set will be have ten (10) reps (:60 second runs).  The basic format is to run one way for :60 seconds, rest :15 seconds and then match the same distance on the return run back to start line.

You will attempt to match your distance each :60 second interval.

Rest 3:00 minutes between sets.


Each runner will pick there preferred workout speed. Run the first interval while looking at your watch. Stop running after 1 minute. Mark your forward progress. After resting :15 seconds, run back to your original starting point. No looking at your watch until you reach your original starting point. Complete until you complete 10 reps. Rest 3:00 minutes then repeat.


Find a sustainable pace you can maintain for all intervals. Performance in this workout is not based on your speed.

Performance is judged on your ability to consistently pace each 1 minute interval by running the same exact distance.


PIck a pace equal to a max effort speed you can maintain for 15 minutes (nonstop).

Long Interval 7.2.20 @5:30 pm

brace for impact

We will end the week with the BRACE for IMPACT workouts in a partner style workout. We will keep the integrity of the workouts but make some adjustments to incorporate a partner style workout.

You and a partner will pick one of the available options to complete.  Each pair can partition the runs or reps as needed for the workouts of your choosing.

Here are available options for the partner WOD:

Option 1:

Run 3 miles

100 burpees.

Option 2:

Run 3 Miles

100 push ups/200 sit ups/300 air squats

Option 3:

Run 3 Miles

300 calories on any device.

Option 4:

This will be rX Plus Option with a Weight Vest 20/14 lbs.

Run 3 Miles

100 Burpees

300 calories on any device

100 push ups/200 situps/300 air squats




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