WODS for the Week of 7.5.2020

Happy Fourth of July!

This is a time of the year when we honor America and reflect on our independence and freedoms.

During these times, it’s easy to be distracted with news and social media.  The heart of any problems lies within yourself.

Take time to reflect on your family and faith and find ways to be a reflection of encouragement.  Instead worrying about our problems, find ways to be hopeful and encourage one another to be better people.

It’s not hard being nice or kind to one another. Be the encouragement someone needs today.

Never Give Up.

WODS for the Week of 7.5.2020

Monday 7.6.2020 @5:30 pm


Set 1: 

500 m run at Fast Pace or Faster

Rest 1:00

300 m run at Fast Pace or Faster

Rest 1:00

200 m run at Fast Pace or Faster.

200m recovery Walk.

Rest :60 seconds after your recovery walk.

Set 2: 

300m run Fast Pace to Faster Pace

Rest 1:00

300m Sprint or Fastest Pace possible.

150 m Recovery Walk

150 m Sprint.

Rest :90 seconds.

Set 3: 

400m run at Fast Pace or Faster

Rest 1:00

200m run Sprint or Fastest pace possible.

200m recovery Walk.

Rest :60 seconds after your recovery walk.

Set 4:

10×50 meter shuttle sprints.  Try to beat your initial 500 m run time as a point of reference.



Each athlete will look find a pace equal to or faster than there MILE PR Pace in this workout. There is limited rest in between intervals, but sufficient recovery time for MILE PR pace efforts in between sets.


The purpose is to push and maintain your paces on a consistent basis for each short interval. Your performance is based on hitting a consistent pace each run.


Find your MILE PR pace and push yourself. Push through the limited rest and keep moving. Breath at a steady rate. Glance at your watch and see where your pace is at the halfway mark of each run. If your running 200m check your time at the halfway mark to determine if you can hold that same time for the last half.


This workout will be for total time.

Thursday 7.9.2020 @5:30 pm

its long day

Each athlete will run a sequence of progressive longer runs to shorter runs.  The pace and rest TBD by the athlete, but your rest period can be no longer than :60 seconds. You can choose to range from a fast pace to moderate pace throughout the workout.

You will perform these as shuttle runs from the starting point to the turnaround point and back to the starting line.  Each athlete will determine there rest period but no longer than :60 seconds after each run. You must start with the longer runs first.

1000 m run

900m run

800m run

700m run

600m run

500m run

400m run

300m run

200m run

100m run.



This workout will be dictated by your legs and how your feeling. If your legs are fresh, than attack that particular interval with a fast pace. If your recovering from the previous interval, than scale back and find your breath and pace. Keep moving.


The purpose is to simulate a longer type run with the different levels of adversity an athlete would face in the midst of longer type runs from varying levels of energy to fatigue.


Focus on the area where you felt the most energy and the least amount of energy. Attack some of the shorter intervals with a fast pace and see how your lungs and body responds.


This workout will be for total time. Focus on your mile splits and find a moderate pace on your splits. A good goal would be nine to twelve minute splits.


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