WODS for the Week of 9.20.2020

Heart of America Competition


All the hard work and effort goes into this week. Trust your training, relax, and have fun. We pray for the safety and overall health of everyone in attendance this week.

Keep Moving

Never Quit

Never Give Up

WODS for the Week of 9.20.2020

Monday 9.21.2020 @5:30 pm


4 x 100, 2 x 200, 1 x 400 (max effort), 2 x 200, 4 x 100

Rest as needed between efforts.


Gradually build your tempo during the 100s to 95% perceived exertion. Your first 200 should be slightly slower than your second. Aim for a range of 4-5 seconds for the second effort. By the time you approach the 400m max effort–you should be readied up to tackle this one with explosive speed. We are hoping to see some 400m PRs today!!! You will have to really push past what you think you’re capable of, particularly on the last leg of that 400. Reverse the tempo progression for the remaining 200s and 100s. This is your cool-down “reward.”. 🙂


We’re really gonna put you to the test this week–with a low volume workout, executed at extremely high intensity. This is “speed work,” used to recruit fast twitch muscle fibers, and to develop their ability to come through when you need them; particularly as you approach that finish line! This type of workout requires full recovery between reps/sets. Good luck!!!


Good Warm Up and Stretching are key. Start out slow and then bulid up momentum towards your 400 m run. Rest as needed, but no too long. Focus on keeping rest no longer than three minutes between intervals. The early rounds keep moving. After the 400 meter run, use the interval work as a cool down.


The only score for this weeks workout will be the 400 meter run. Try to establish a benchmark time this week.

Thursday 9.24.2020


There will be a twenty minute time cap. You will attempt in achieving the max amount of bridge repeats within the time cap.


You will run up and over and back on a continuous run for twenty minutes.


Focus on your form up the hills and hit the hills with some intensity. Use the downhill portion as a recovery at times and focus on running in a controlled manner down hill.


Have a goal in mind at every five minute mark.  Keep striving to hit these goals every five minute increment.


The total number of bridge repeats within time cap.





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