WODS for the Week of 10.18.2020


During this time of the year we have obstacles including weather, equipment availability, time change, etc.  We will strive to be outside as much as possible, but be prepared for changes in programming and/or being inside at times as we mitigate through the fall and ultimately winter weather.


We have completed five weeks of a twelve week cycle, and pushing through to finish out fall season with a strong finish at the halfway mark. So far we have brought you varying aerobic capacities in our first five weeks.

This week we have some challenging programming and look to bring the thresholds with aerobic training and lactate thresholds.

WORKOUTS for the WEEK of 10.18.20

Monday 10.19.20@5:30 pm

flood warning

This workout will be based on a 21/15/9 scheme.

21 Interval 

Each athlete will start with a 100 meter sand bag run (50/35)

Then complete the following sequence of runs x4

400 meter run

100 meter sandbag run

Total Meters = 2100

Rest 2:00

15 Interval 

Then complete the following sequence of runs x3

300 meter run

200 meter sandbag run (50/35)

Total Meters = 1500

Rest 2:00

9 Interval 

600 meter run

300 meter sandbag run (50/35)

Total Meters = 900



This workout is aerobic threshold and you will maintain a steady pace at moderate intensity.


Train and develop fuel efficiency  (burn fat), muscular skeleton system, and aerobic endurance.


Find a moderate pace and try to keep at least a run pace or jog pace on the sandbag runs. These will start to wear on your legs as the workout progresses.

Run Course:

We will utilize the southeast corner of the gym for this workout. Each athlete will stage there sandbag at door area and commence to each run point throughout the workout.

Your Score:

Total Time


Aerobic Endurance

Total Meters:

4500 meters

Thursday 10.22.20

norcal fiber

6×600 meter runs

300m at fast to moderate pace, 100m at mile PR pace, 200m at Max Effort.  After each interval there will be a 2:00 minute rest between.
But WAIT!!! You’re not done!!!
Load up the sleds for MORE muscle recruitment! Sled Loads M=4 x 45  F=2 x 45, 2 x 25
FINISH with 4 x 50m sled pushes.


This workout is lactate threshold with the runs and strength endurance with the sleds.


Train at higher threshold intensities with less rest between efforts. The sleds is a low volume workout with high intensity intervals to work and recruit fast twitch muscles.


The 600 meter runs will go from moderate intensity to a fast intensity. Focus on recovery after your 200 meter max effort. This should be at a sustainable pace as fast as you can.

Sleds are just mental and work through the lactic buildup and keep moving.

Run Course:

We will run to the 1200 meter mark and back to start line. This will be performed on our normal run course.

Sled course will be at sled lanes. You will push 25 meters and push back 25 meters = 50 meters.

Even Intervals:

Run 300 meters (600 meter mark); Run 100 meters (800 meter mark); run 200 meters (1200 meter mark).

Odd Intervals:

Run 300 meters (back to 600 meter mark); Run 100 meters (400 meter mark); run 200 meters back to start line.

Your Score:

Total Time on the Running portion and sled portion for two separate scores.


Aerobic Endurance

Strength Endurance

Total Meters:

3200 meters running.

200 meters sled pushes.




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