WODS for the Week of 12.27.2020


This is the last week of 2020 and all of us are ready for it to go away. Come join us this week as we finish up 2020 with some running and assault bike this week.

WODS for the Week of 12.27.2020

Monday 12.28.2020 @5:30 pm

rope burn

Ten Rounds

20 Calories Assault Runner

1 Rope Climb

*If your unable to perform rope climbs then you will perform two wall walks.

*If your unable to perform wall walks  or rope climbs then each athlete will perform 10 Ring Rows.

20+1= 21 for the new year coming up.

See Link for demo of Wall Walks.

Workout Detail:

There is no pace on the runs, but just keep a pace to move through the calories. The estimated distance for 20 calories will be approximately 200-300 meters.

Rope Climbs and Wall Walks are designed to test your capacity and strength this week.

This workout will be more mental and fighting through the calories each round and ending it with a specific skills of rope climbs and Wall Walks.

Workout Hints:

Keep Moving and take your rest walking to the rope and back to the runners.

Your Score:

You will score the total time it takes you to complete all ten rounds.

Thursday 12.31.2020 @5:30 pm

sandy beaches

Thirty Minute Running Clock:

Six Total Rounds (Each round is five minutes)

Minute 1: 100 meter Assault Runner or Outside.

Minute 2: 10 Sandbag Back Squats  50/35

Minute 3: 10 Burpees over Sandbag. These can be performed by facing the sandbags or lateral burpees. Just do a burpee and jump over it anyway you want.

Minute 4: Max Calories Assault Bike

Minute 5: Rest :60 Seconds.

Repeat 5x.

Workout Detail:

This is a interval EMOM and will test your capacity. Move at a brisk pace and use your minute rest to recover for each round.

Workout Hints:

Keep Moving and try to recover within each minute capacity.

Your Score:

You will score the total amount of calories on the Assault Bike for the entire duration of the workout.

Merry Christmas from Proximal Strength Endurance!

Merry Christmas Y’All

We would like to shout out to everyone at Proximal Strength to have a joyous Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. This has been a crazy year, but we all will be stronger on the other side.  We appreciate the support and loyalty from our athletes. We love you all.

WODS for the Week of 12.20.20

Monday 12.21.2020

Twelve Days of Endurance

There will be a fifty minute time cap.

You will perform the movements as the song sounds. 1, then 2 to1, then 3 to 2 to 1 and so on……..

RX Weights on Dumbbells (40/25) 

RX on Box Jump Overs will be 20 inches. 

On the First Day Coach B Rice yelled at me, 100 meter run.

On the Second Day Coach B Rice yelled at me, 2 DB Thrusters.

On the Third Day Coach B Rice yelled at me, 3 Devils Press.

On the Fourth Day Coach B Rice yelled at me, 4 Push Ups.

On the Fifth Day Coach B Rice yelled at me, 5 Burpees.

On the Sixth Day Coach B Rice yelled at me,  6 Air Squats.

On the Seventh Day Coach B Rice yelled at me, 7 Calories Ski Erg.

On the Eighth Day Coach B Rice yelled at me, 8 Calories Row.

On the Ninth Day Coach B Rice yelled at me 9 Alternate Walking Lunges (L1/R1 and so on)

On the Tenth Day Coach B Rice yelled at me, 10 Calories Assault Bike.

On the Eleventh Day Coach B Rice yelled at me, 11 Calories Assault Runner.

On the Day Twelve Day Coach B Rice yelled at me, 120 Double Unders. (Scale 200 singles).

WODS for the Week of 12.13.20

WODS for the Week of 12.13.20

Monday 12.14.20

21 minutes

Workout Description:

21 Minute Running Clock:

7/5 Calories Assault Bike

21 Double Unders or scale 42 singles

7 burpee box-overs 24/20

AMRAP as possible in twenty-one minute running clock.

(As Many Round/Reps as possible)

If we have bigger class and space is limited, athletes will pair up and either start with ski erg or double unders.

Workout Detail:

Just get through the reps as quickly as possible. Keep moving.

Your Score:

You will score the total amount of rounds and reps.

Thursday 12.17.20


Background: Dedicated to U.S. Army Captain Shawn G. Hogan, of Salem, New Hampshire, who died Oct. 17, 2012. The 28-year-old was fatally injured in a training exercise at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in Golden Pond, Kentucky. He was assigned to Company B, 4th Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) in Fort Campbell. Hogan is survived by his parents, Richard and Jean; and sister, Nicole.

The “Shawn” Hero WOD was first posted on the CrossFit Main Site as the workout of the day for Sunday, February 8, 2015.

Run 5 miles.

Run in 5-minute intervals, stopping after each to perform 50 Air Squats and 50 Push-Ups before beginning the next 5-minute run interval. There will be a running clock. Start your five minutes over at the completion of the reps.

Score is the time on the clock when the 5 mile Run is completed.

This will be completed as a partner WOD this week.

During the run portion, only one athlete can run at a time.

During the air squats and push ups, both athletes can work together at the same time and partition reps as needed.




WODS for the Week of 12.6.2020

Endurance December Schedule

With our busy schedules and the Christmas season in full gear, we will be putting our schedule for the month so we can enjoy the time with friends and family.

We will be having normal class times and on Monday, December 21st, we will roll out the Twelve Days of Endurance workout. It’s always a popular workout, so hope you can join us.

December Schedule

Monday, December 7th – Graham Cracker (Speed)

Thursday, December 10th – Hard or Easy (Aerobic)

Monday, December 14th – 21 minutes (V02)

Thursday, December 17th – HERO WOD “Shawn” (Partner)

Monday, December 21st – 12 Days of Endurance

Thursday, December 24th – Christmas Eve. Will be determined by gym. If gym is closed, we will not have scheduled class that night.

WORKOUTS for the Week of 12.6.2020

Monday 12.7.2020 @5:30 pm

graham cracker

Thirty Six (36) minute clock:

Three Rounds.

You will complete four intervals to complete one round

(300m Run; 250m Ski; 300m Run; 250 Ski)

Each interval will be completed within a three minute clock.  You will rest the remaining time after completion of the intervals.

300 Meter Run (Moderate pace for recovery)

250 Ski (Moderate Pace for recovery)

300 Meter Run (Goal is below :90 seconds to Mile PR pace)

250 Ski (All Out Effort)

Workout Detail:

This will be a speed and V02 workout.


You will have moderate pace ski and run and a MILE PR pace run and all out effort ski.


Don’t hit your intervals to hard to early. Save it for the all out efforts.

Run Course and Pace:

We will be in the back part of the gym for the ski. We will run to the stop sign and back on the east of the gym or Assault Runner.

Your Score:

We will score each interval separately for twelve (12) separate scores.

Thursday 12.10.2020 @5:30 pm

hard or easy

2 x 300m at moderate pace (Goal under :90 seconds)

1 x 800m at easy pace

2 x 400m at moderate pace (Goal is under 2:00 seconds)

1 x 800 at easy pace

2 x 500m at moderate pace (Goal is under 2:30)

1 x 800m at easy pace

2 x 600m at moderate pace (Goal is under 3:00)

Rest 1:00 between all interval runs.

WOD Notes:  This WOD has two paces. You will pick the easy pace that will allow you to hit all  your moderate finishing times.

Workout Detail:

This will be a aerobic threshold workout.


Hit your your moderate paces and get a good easy recovery jog to hit your moderate pace goals.


Lots of volume and focus on your recovery jogs to be able to hit your moderate paces.

Run Course and Pace:

We will be outside weather permitting, if not then we will use the assault runners.

Your Score:

Total Time.