WODS for the Week of 1.31.21

Midwest Meltdown 2021!

The Midwest Meltdown is a 3 person, same sex, team competition hosted by CrossFit Provision. The comp will start at 3 PM on Friday, February 5th and finish in the afternoon of Saturday, February 6th!

There will be several teams from our gym, so come out and enjoy the day with us.

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WODS for the Week of 1.31.21

Monday 2.1.21 @5:30 pm

i'm picky

Forty Five Minute Running Clock:

This will be a progression to increase meters and calories on the assault runner and/or outside run and assault bike/ski erg in incremental phases. You will increase 100 meters on each run, and increase 5 calories on each bike or ski interval. Each athlete can pick your capacity for each interval. Just pick one and go.

100 meter Run/5 Calories Assault Bike/Ski Erg

200 meter Run/10 Calories Assault Bike/Ski Erg

300 meter Run/ 15 Calories Assault Bike/Ski Erg

400 meter Run/20 Calories Assault Bike/Ski Erg

500 meter Run/25 Calories Assault Bike/Ski Erg

600 meter Run/30 Calories Assault Bike/Ski Erg

700 meter Run/35 Calories Assault Bike/Ski Erg

800 meter Run/40 Calories Assault Bike Ski Erg.

And so on until you reach the forty five minute time cap.

If you finish all of the runs and calories within the 45 minutes then you will be done.

There is no built in rest so pick a pace and keep moving.

Workout Detail:

This is designed to be a steady workout at a moderate intensity to develop fuel efficiency, muscular, skeleton system, and aerobic endurance. There is no pace parameters or goals for paces. We are looking to mix up the cycle and add some different devices this week. This will be a longer workout so keep moving and grind away at those meters and calories.

Aerobic Capacity:

Aerobic Threshold

Workout Hints:

Steady Eddie will be the goal of this workout. Stay on your runs at a moderate intensity. Bike/Ski intervals are designed to test your capacity and thresholds when legs get tired and not wanting to move.

Your Score:

You will score the total calories on the bike or ski erg. You can write the meters ran in the comments section of Wodify.

There will be 3600 total meters to be ran and 180 calories to burn.

Thursday 2.4.21 @5:30 pm

bombolini II

Three Sets:

500 Meters Fast, 300 Meter Recovery Jog, 200 Meter Sprint. No rest between intervals.

Rest 2:00 minutes between sets.

Workout Detail:

ALL your attention should be on your opening 500m interval. Pick an aggressive pace for your first set, and then repeat this pace for sets two and three. Then the athlete will do a 300 meter recovery jog. You will finish with a 200 meter sprint as fast as you can maintain.

Aerobic Capacity:


Workout Hints:

This WOD has three different paces. You should push the pace on your 500 meter at a Mile PR pace or faster. The 300 meter run should be a jog or easy pace. The 200 meter run at the end is as fast as you can maintain the pace.

Your Score:

Total Time for the entire 3000 meters ran.







WODS for the Week of 1.23.2021

Winter Blues!

Coaching during winter hours!

The winter got you feeling down and out. We will continue to monitor the weather and get through the season with combinations of outside and indoor workouts.  We will be outside soon and it will be glorious when we do finally. The endurance program is very thankful and grateful to have access to our Assault Runners so we can continue to program running workouts.

WODS for the Week of 1.24.2021

Monday 1.25.21 @5:30 pm

choo choo 

Warm up with general stretching and preparing the body and legs for the longer distances tonight.

Once stretching is complete, then a 400 meter easy pace run into a 200 meter walk. End the warm up with a 200 meter faster pace jog or run. Done. 

We will then begin the following workout. 

4 Rounds 
800m Moderate to Mile PR pace. (Goal is <4:00  or <4:30 or <5:00 Dependent on your current Mile PR. You choose your pace this workout) 
100m easy (recovery)
100m Max Effort or at a pace as fast as you can maintain. 

Perform 100 meter walk as active recovery for next round. 

Each round will be 1000 meters. The run structure will be 800 meters into a jog, then into a max effort 100m run. The last 100 meter walk will completed within the programmed rest time. 

Rest 3:00 between each round. 

Workout Detail:

Run 800m at a fast (mile PR pace), run 100m at an easy recovery pace, immediately accelerate into a 100m ME sprint.  There is no rest between any of the intervals. Make sure to quickly and aggressively accelerate into your 100m ME sprint. 

Each round will be 1000 meters. The run structure will be 800 meters into a 100 meter jog, then into a max effort 100m run. The last 100 meter walk will not be included and is part of your rest time. 

Aerobic Capacity:


Workout Hints:

This is higher volume workout with some 800 meter intervals to start out. Focus on hitting the paces and then build up to a 100 meter sprint at the end. Get your rest and recovery in between. 

Once you pick your above pace, then stick with it on each 800 meter interval. If you choose to run under 4:00 minutes each round, then that is your goal.  

Your Score:

You will score each round separately for four (4) individual scores. The total meters on this workout will be 4800 meters to include warm up run.  

Thursday 1.28.21 @5:30 pm

pace pace baby

Twenty Five Minute Running Clock: 

There will be five total rounds (One round = 5 minutes) 

A Round will consist of: 

Run 300m; rest :30 seconds; Run 300m; 


*The amount of burpees will be determined by the difference in time of your two interval runs.  Example: First 300 m run 1:34/Second 300 m run 1:28. You will perform six burpees.  

The goal is to keep run times as close as possible. Set a pace and repeat it each run.  

You will rest the remaining time after completion of runs and burpees if necessary. 

Workout Detail:

This is a workout designed to hit your fast paces with little rest in between. Focus on the paces throughout the workout. The goal is to hit your pace each time in order to limit the amount of burpees in each round. This a test of your ability to pace each interval with minimum burpees each round. So don’t go to fast or too slow 😉

Aerobic Capacity:


Workout Hints:

Get as much as you can out of the rest period. Hit those paces hard. If you have to do any burpees, then get moving quick to get your rest.  The reward is hitting your paces and getting extra rest. 

Your Score:

Your score will be the number of seconds between fastest and slowest 300 meter runs each round. There will be five separate scores. Example: Round 1 you run 1:30 and then 1:25. That will be :05 seconds.  

Each score will reflect the how close your keeping your paces in each round regardless if it is slower or faster. Just focus on hitting the lowest possible difference between the two interval runs. 





WODS for the Week of 1.17.21

WODS for the Week of 1.17.21

We are in the middle of January and we will be continuing to ramp up the programming as the month continues.

Have you been holding the off button in trying our endurance classes?  All it takes is for you to hit the “ON” button.

Come check us out this week.

Monday 1.18.21 @5:30 pm


1 x 400m, rest 60 seconds

2 x 300m w/ 100m walk between reps

Rest 3:00

1 x 400m, rest 60 seconds

3 x 200m w/ 100m walk between reps

Rest 3:00

1 x 400m, rest 60 seconds

4 x 100m w/ 100m walk between reps

All interval runs will be at Mile PR pace.

Goal Paces:

400m <2:00

300 <:90

200 <:60

100 <:30

Workout Detail:

This is a workout designed to hit your fast paces with little rest in between. Focus on the paces throughout the workout.

Aerobic Capacity:


Workout Hints:

Get as much as you can out of the rest period. Hit those paces hard.

Your Score:

Total Time to complete the meters to include the rest time. There will be 2800 meters involved in this workout.

Thursday 1.21.21 @5:30 pm


Wearing a weight vest, 10 rounds for time of:

100-m sprint
5 burpees
20 sit-ups
15 push-ups
100-m sprint
Rest 2 minutes

Kerrie Orozco, 29, was killed in the line of duty on May 20, 2015. A seven-year veteran of the Omaha Police Department, Orozco was killed just hours before she was set to start maternity leave. Her daughter Olivia Ruth was born prematurely on Feb. 17, 2015, and Orozco had put off maternity leave until she could bring her daughter home from the hospital.

Orozco is survived by her husband, Hector; two stepchildren, Natalie and Santiago; and baby Olivia.

She began CrossFit at CrossFit FitFarm and also worked out with fellow officers outside the affiliate.

She exhibited a passion for community service that went beyond her police duties. She volunteered with the Special Olympics and was president of the Police Officers Ball to benefit Special Olympics Nebraska. She also coached baseball for the North Omaha Boys and Girls Club.


WODS for the Week of 1.10.21



As Athletes, we all know and understand the concept of ‘constantly varied’, and have come to embrace it in our daily training. We understand that in fitness we specialize in not specializing…and we aspire to become well-rounded and conditioned athletes by way of this philosophy.

At Proximal Strength Endurance, we aim to bridge your ability to perform at your maximum potential–on and off the gym floor. Your intent focus on PR’ing your lifts on the gym floor involves attention to detail–mechanics, technique, and drills. The same can be said on the back lot, where the same attention to detail vastly improves your capacity to run (and WOD) harder and smarter! Combining your weekly WODs with weekly Endurance programming maximizes your potential in both realms.

We program in the following realms throughout the year to develop our athletes in varying capacities to develop that engine.


Monday 1.11.21 @5:30 pm

forrest gumption

Run for 2:00 minutes, rest :60 seconds.

You will continue this pattern until each athlete completes 5000 meters.

Workout Detail:

This is a steady workout with the pace to be determined by each athlete. Just get through the meters and focus on each two minute interval and your rest time.

Aerobic Capacity:

Aerobic Threshold

Workout Hints:

The beginning of the workout you will be able to accumulate the meters, but as you go along, try to maintain a pace and meet or beat your distance each 2:00 minute interval.

Your Score:

Total Time to complete the meters to include the rest time.

Thursday 1.14.21 @5:30 pm

eat my lunge

Four Rounds

400 meter run Assault Runner (Fast or Mile PR Pace)

If your Mile time is <8:00 minutes then focus on hitting below 2:00

If you Mile time is >8:00 minutes then focus on anything below 3:00 minutes for the 400 meter interval.

*15 meter OH 1 Arm Alternating Lunge (40/25)

200 meter outside run (Moderate to Fast Pace)

200 meter Goal pace is under :60 seconds.

15 meter OH 1 Arm Alternating Lunge (40/25)

*The lunges will be staged and the distance is the equivalent of lunging rig to rig.  Scale weight if necessary. If your unable to OH lunge, then you will do a front rack lunge with dumbbell or medball.

Workout Detail:

The focus is to hit your Mile PR pace on each 400 meter run.

Aerobic Capacity:

Speed and Strength. The runs will serve as the speed capacity. The lunges will serve as the strength capacity.

Workout Hints:

Hit your run paces and focus on unbroken lunges. This will start to grind on the legs, but develop your mental strength and keep moving.

Your Score:

Total Time to complete all four rounds.




Happy New Year! Welcome to Proximal Strength Endurance

Happy New Year!

Welcome to Proximal Strength Endurance 

Proximal Strength Endurance is designed to offer an organized, scheduled endurance class to ALL athletes regardless of fitness level or running ability, that will focus on improving overall speed, endurance, stamina, and health through implementation of a structured, interval-based training program. Endurance is offered on Mondays and Thursdays at 5:30pm. We meet in the far back corner of the gym for a WOD briefing, then head out to the back lot for the workout.

Coaches Profiles


Graham Smitham

I’m a lifelong athlete and competitor. Growing up in Dallas, Texas I came to Springfield in 2010 to swim at Drury University. I graduated in 2014 with my degree in Biology and Exercise Science, and became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA. The competitive side of CrossFit is what first drew me in, racing the clock and the people around me to post the highest scores, but now my competitive focus is having the best form in the gym. My goal in each class I coach is to help our members move better to build stronger more resilient bodies, whether it be for a competition or life!

Brian Rice

I was a regular athlete in high school, but was always competitive. My fitness journey started in 2011 at CrossFit Springfield. I immediately developed a passion for this community and instantly was hooked with the variety and frequent challenges which tweaked my competitive side. In 2012, my journey started with running and endurance classes. It was never a regular part of my training regimen, but I soon discovered the benefits. They soon became a staple in my weekly programming and helped me develop into a much more well-rounded athlete and boosted my overall fitness level. I have achieved a few accolades in my journey, but none more rewarding then when I started coaching in April 2016 with endurance classes and eventually into group led workouts. My goal as a coach is always to put the athlete first and give my full attention to their needs and goals. I like to encourage and push my athletes to give a honest effort every class. God has given me an opportunity to serve and help others and I am very blessed to be a part of this great community. Our community is a tight-knit group and I am grateful to be able to coach our members everyday. I have witnessed great things and accomplishments with my athletes. It’s truly awesome to experience there happiness and successes. Keep Moving Never Quit Never Give Up Press On Philippians 3: 13-14

WODS for the Week of 1.3.21

Monday 1.4.21 @5:30 pm


Coach Warm Up and Pose Running Drills,


10 sets x 300 meter run (Goal Pace is :90 seconds to 2:00 minutes)

Rest 2′ between sets.

Workout Detail:

You will try to hit your paces each set. This will challenging but there is a full two minutes rest. Take each set and set your goals.  The goal pace will be based on a eight minute mile pace.

This will be a V02 Max workout.

Workout Hints:

Get full recovery between your intervals. Hit your paces and focus on staying consistent throughout.

Your Score:

Total Time

Thursday 1.4.21 @5:30 pm

hard charging

5 Rounds:

400m at moderate pace (Goal is 2:30 to 2:00 minutes)

100m at easy pace

200m at fast pace (Goal is under :60 seconds)

100m at easy pace


Rest 2:00 between rounds

Workout Detail:

This workout is structured to provide less rest between reps, disallowing complete recovery between reps. The total distance is 4500 meters.

Workout Hints:

You must strive to keep from “red-lining” too early in the round in order to meet your paces throughout the workout.

Your Score:

You will score each round separate for five separate scores.