WODS for the Week of 1.10.21



As Athletes, we all know and understand the concept of ‘constantly varied’, and have come to embrace it in our daily training. We understand that in fitness we specialize in not specializing…and we aspire to become well-rounded and conditioned athletes by way of this philosophy.

At Proximal Strength Endurance, we aim to bridge your ability to perform at your maximum potential–on and off the gym floor. Your intent focus on PR’ing your lifts on the gym floor involves attention to detail–mechanics, technique, and drills. The same can be said on the back lot, where the same attention to detail vastly improves your capacity to run (and WOD) harder and smarter! Combining your weekly WODs with weekly Endurance programming maximizes your potential in both realms.

We program in the following realms throughout the year to develop our athletes in varying capacities to develop that engine.


Monday 1.11.21 @5:30 pm

forrest gumption

Run for 2:00 minutes, rest :60 seconds.

You will continue this pattern until each athlete completes 5000 meters.

Workout Detail:

This is a steady workout with the pace to be determined by each athlete. Just get through the meters and focus on each two minute interval and your rest time.

Aerobic Capacity:

Aerobic Threshold

Workout Hints:

The beginning of the workout you will be able to accumulate the meters, but as you go along, try to maintain a pace and meet or beat your distance each 2:00 minute interval.

Your Score:

Total Time to complete the meters to include the rest time.

Thursday 1.14.21 @5:30 pm

eat my lunge

Four Rounds

400 meter run Assault Runner (Fast or Mile PR Pace)

If your Mile time is <8:00 minutes then focus on hitting below 2:00

If you Mile time is >8:00 minutes then focus on anything below 3:00 minutes for the 400 meter interval.

*15 meter OH 1 Arm Alternating Lunge (40/25)

200 meter outside run (Moderate to Fast Pace)

200 meter Goal pace is under :60 seconds.

15 meter OH 1 Arm Alternating Lunge (40/25)

*The lunges will be staged and the distance is the equivalent of lunging rig to rig.  Scale weight if necessary. If your unable to OH lunge, then you will do a front rack lunge with dumbbell or medball.

Workout Detail:

The focus is to hit your Mile PR pace on each 400 meter run.

Aerobic Capacity:

Speed and Strength. The runs will serve as the speed capacity. The lunges will serve as the strength capacity.

Workout Hints:

Hit your run paces and focus on unbroken lunges. This will start to grind on the legs, but develop your mental strength and keep moving.

Your Score:

Total Time to complete all four rounds.




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