WODS for the Week of 1.23.2021

Winter Blues!

Coaching during winter hours!

The winter got you feeling down and out. We will continue to monitor the weather and get through the season with combinations of outside and indoor workouts.  We will be outside soon and it will be glorious when we do finally. The endurance program is very thankful and grateful to have access to our Assault Runners so we can continue to program running workouts.

WODS for the Week of 1.24.2021

Monday 1.25.21 @5:30 pm

choo choo 

Warm up with general stretching and preparing the body and legs for the longer distances tonight.

Once stretching is complete, then a 400 meter easy pace run into a 200 meter walk. End the warm up with a 200 meter faster pace jog or run. Done. 

We will then begin the following workout. 

4 Rounds 
800m Moderate to Mile PR pace. (Goal is <4:00  or <4:30 or <5:00 Dependent on your current Mile PR. You choose your pace this workout) 
100m easy (recovery)
100m Max Effort or at a pace as fast as you can maintain. 

Perform 100 meter walk as active recovery for next round. 

Each round will be 1000 meters. The run structure will be 800 meters into a jog, then into a max effort 100m run. The last 100 meter walk will completed within the programmed rest time. 

Rest 3:00 between each round. 

Workout Detail:

Run 800m at a fast (mile PR pace), run 100m at an easy recovery pace, immediately accelerate into a 100m ME sprint.  There is no rest between any of the intervals. Make sure to quickly and aggressively accelerate into your 100m ME sprint. 

Each round will be 1000 meters. The run structure will be 800 meters into a 100 meter jog, then into a max effort 100m run. The last 100 meter walk will not be included and is part of your rest time. 

Aerobic Capacity:


Workout Hints:

This is higher volume workout with some 800 meter intervals to start out. Focus on hitting the paces and then build up to a 100 meter sprint at the end. Get your rest and recovery in between. 

Once you pick your above pace, then stick with it on each 800 meter interval. If you choose to run under 4:00 minutes each round, then that is your goal.  

Your Score:

You will score each round separately for four (4) individual scores. The total meters on this workout will be 4800 meters to include warm up run.  

Thursday 1.28.21 @5:30 pm

pace pace baby

Twenty Five Minute Running Clock: 

There will be five total rounds (One round = 5 minutes) 

A Round will consist of: 

Run 300m; rest :30 seconds; Run 300m; 


*The amount of burpees will be determined by the difference in time of your two interval runs.  Example: First 300 m run 1:34/Second 300 m run 1:28. You will perform six burpees.  

The goal is to keep run times as close as possible. Set a pace and repeat it each run.  

You will rest the remaining time after completion of runs and burpees if necessary. 

Workout Detail:

This is a workout designed to hit your fast paces with little rest in between. Focus on the paces throughout the workout. The goal is to hit your pace each time in order to limit the amount of burpees in each round. This a test of your ability to pace each interval with minimum burpees each round. So don’t go to fast or too slow 😉

Aerobic Capacity:


Workout Hints:

Get as much as you can out of the rest period. Hit those paces hard. If you have to do any burpees, then get moving quick to get your rest.  The reward is hitting your paces and getting extra rest. 

Your Score:

Your score will be the number of seconds between fastest and slowest 300 meter runs each round. There will be five separate scores. Example: Round 1 you run 1:30 and then 1:25. That will be :05 seconds.  

Each score will reflect the how close your keeping your paces in each round regardless if it is slower or faster. Just focus on hitting the lowest possible difference between the two interval runs. 





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