WODS for the week of 3.28.201

Come push a sled, it’s fun!

We will start the week off right with some sled pushes this Monday. We are going to train some endurance strength components Monday and then Thursday will be a Mile Time Trial. This will be a good week to come check us out.

Monday 3.29.21 @5:30 pm

strength day 

35 Minute Running Clock:

This will be a partner WOD. You can perform as individual, use same rep scheme listed below.

0:00 – 5:00 minutes. Each Pair will run together for a 600 meter run. Rest remaining time.

5:00 – 30:00

rX weights:

Male Pairs: (3) 45lb plates; 100lb DBall

Male/Female: (1) 45lb plate; (1) 25lb plate; 100 or 70 lb DBall

Female Pairs: (1) 45lb plate; 70lb DBall

Scaled: Sled Only; Farmers Carry with two (2) KBs; and KB Swings. You will follow same rep scheme listed below.

1 Sled Push; 1 D-Ball Carry; 1 D Ball Clean. You can carry the DBall and Push the sled at the same time. You must perform your D-Ball cleans at the completion of the push and carry.

2 Sled Push; 2 D-Ball Carry; 2 D-Ball Cleans.

You will continue to add one additional push/carry/clean for the duration of the time cap. You will push/carry 20 meters.

30:00 – 35:00

Each pair will run together for a 600 meter run within the five minute time cap.

Workout Detail:

Each pair of athletes can partition the sled pushes, D-Ball carry, and D-Ball cleans as they choose.

Aerobic Capacity


Workout Hints:

Work together and use teamwork to get through the later rounds of the workout. Keep Grinding away.

Your Score:

Total Reps

Thursday 04.01.2021 @5:30 pm

mile time trial

Each athlete will perform a One Mile Run at a Time Trial pace. This will be a all out effort. We will be utilizing the mile course starting at the corner stop sign at the southeast corner of the gym.

There will be a coach led stretching and warm up prior to the mile time trial.

Workout Detail:

This is a good test to either establish your mile time and/or test your training from the past few weeks.

Aerobic Capacity:

This will test all aspects of your training. There will be facets of all capacities.

Workout Hints:

Focus on your 100 meter splits and adjust accordingly to maintain your goal pace. Keep fighting your pace and push through the sticking point. Have a goal in mind. Go for it.

Your Score:

Total Time.

WODS for the Week of 3.21.21


We will not be having our normally schedule class on Monday Night this week, but will have normally scheduled class,  Thursday  at 5:30 pm .

We will be honoring one of our own this week and we will be performing the HERO WOD “WILL” this Thursday.

Thursday 3.25.21 @5:30 pm


In a twenty-two minute running clock, complete for total reps.

4 Minutes: 400 m run+Max Burpees Over Bar. You can also perform regular burpees if your not using a bar or burpees over DB)

Rest Two Minutes.

4 Minutes: 400 m run+Max Thrusters (rX 75/55 lb thrusters) You can also use 40/30 lb DB for a substitute.  Scale with bar only or lighter weight DB’s.

Rest Two Minutes.

4 Minutes: 400 m run+ Max Pull Ups. You can also scale with jumping pull ups, ring rows, or any variation of banded pull ups.

Rest Two Minutes.

4 Minutes: 400 m run+ Max Double Unders. You can scale with single unders or perform parallette jumps, or jump over any object like a barbell or pvc pipe.


WODS for the Week of 3.15.21

Time Change is here!

I am sure no really likes time change, but we sure do like it.  This signifies the change to spring season and the ability to program outdoors. Join us this week as we perform a speed and lactate threshold workout.

Monday 3.16.21 @5:30 pm


5 sets

200 m fast pace

100 m walk within :60 seconds

100 m easy pace

100 m sprint

100 m walk within :60 seconds

Run course will be detailed by coach.

Workout Detail:

We will warm up with 400 m jog, leg swings, ankle rotation, and dynamic drills. We will end with a 400 meter jog with some 20 meter accelerations within the run.  It is important to warm up the muscles for the speed you plan on targeting.

We will then perform 4 sets of 30 m acceleration, 30 m sprint zone (maintain), 30 m decelerate. Walk back to start line.

Aerobic Capacity:


Workout Hints:

Focus on staying light on your feet (pretend your running barefoot on hot asphalt during the sprint).

Your Score:

Total Time.

Thursday 3.18.21 @5:30 pm


2 sets:

:20 second max effort sprint.

Rest :40 seconds

7x (This will be a eight minute run one way, rest 4:00 minutes, repeat set again in same sequence for eight minutes)

:30 second controlled sprint. (Base this on your Mile PR pace)

:30 second easy recovery jog/walk if necessary or needed.

No add’l rest b/t reps.

Rest 4 minutes b/t sets.

Run course will start at the start line. You will run your :20 second max effort sprint. Rest :40 seconds. You will then continue for eight (8) minutes of :30 second controlled sprint/:30 second easy jog/walk around our one mile course towards the stop sign on the south east side of the gym.  If you are at a point where your trending going past the stop sign, continue down road in front of the gym to the Classic Rock parking lot area.

Workout Detail:

The :20 second max effort sprint prior to the main set will drain your energy system. The blowout interval will help isolate the anaerobic energy system to exclusively fuel the muscles in the main set.  The recovery is intentionally  short to create the targeted stimulus and force your body to use the lactate as fuel.  This is a classic lactate tolerance workout.

Aerobic Capacity:

Lactate Threshold

Workout Hints:

This format drives higher levels of lactate as you get deeper into each set. Expect pain and small amounts of slowing within each set.

This is about athlete ownership. Focus on three things:

  1. Define your controlled sprint intensity. What can you maintain for the volume?
  2. Pick your sticking point.  This is the rep that is going to your biggest challenge.
  3. Don’t Quit. Maintain intensity. This is the time to fight.

Your Score:

Total Meters ran for both sets.




WODS for the Week of 3.7.2021

Congratulations to the Clantons!

Welcome Berekiah Everett Clanton into the world. He was 7lbs 6oz and 19.75”. Baby and mommy are doing great, both are strong and healthy.

WODS for the Week of 3.7.2021

Monday 3.8.2021 @5:30 pm

flying starts

5 Sets:

150 m Fast

400 m recovery jog.

Rest 2 min b/t sets.

Workout Detail:

The 150s will be performed as fast as pace as you can maintain.  Focus on getting faster on each interval run.

All intervals will have flying starts – meaning that the interval will start 5 steps prior to the 150m start.  Try to hit the starting line while accelerating to your targeted intensity.

The purpose of the workout is to give the runner an indication of their 400m speed.

Aerobic Capacity:


Workout Hints:

Your first 150 meter run will be your slowest interval. Focus on hitting a faster intensity as each interval increases.

Your Score:

Total Time.

Thursday 3.11.2021 @5:30 pm

two part

Part 1:

200m Moderate Pace

Rest :15 seconds.

400m Moderate Pace

Rest :30 seconds

600m Moderate Pace

Rest :45 seconds

800 m Moderate Pace

Rest :60 seconds.

Part 2:

10x150m any pace w/:10 second rest b/t interval.

Focus on hitting +/- 1 second without looking at your watch after finishing the interval.

Workout Detail:

Moderate Pace should range fall in between :03-:05 seconds slower per 100 meters. Example: 200 meter run Mile PR Pace is :20.  Your goal will be to hit :26 – :30.

Aerobic Capacity:

Aerobic Threshold

Workout Hints:

Focus on not hitting a fast pace for this workout. Focus and maintain the moderate pace for each interval. The 150 runs will be at any pace. Focus on just hitting a comfortable recovery pace. Your goal is to be +/- :01 second for each interval.

Focus on hitting +/- 1 second without looking at your watch after finishing the interval.

Your Score:

Total Time.