WODS for the week of 3.28.201

Come push a sled, it’s fun!

We will start the week off right with some sled pushes this Monday. We are going to train some endurance strength components Monday and then Thursday will be a Mile Time Trial. This will be a good week to come check us out.

Monday 3.29.21 @5:30 pm

strength day 

35 Minute Running Clock:

This will be a partner WOD. You can perform as individual, use same rep scheme listed below.

0:00 – 5:00 minutes. Each Pair will run together for a 600 meter run. Rest remaining time.

5:00 – 30:00

rX weights:

Male Pairs: (3) 45lb plates; 100lb DBall

Male/Female: (1) 45lb plate; (1) 25lb plate; 100 or 70 lb DBall

Female Pairs: (1) 45lb plate; 70lb DBall

Scaled: Sled Only; Farmers Carry with two (2) KBs; and KB Swings. You will follow same rep scheme listed below.

1 Sled Push; 1 D-Ball Carry; 1 D Ball Clean. You can carry the DBall and Push the sled at the same time. You must perform your D-Ball cleans at the completion of the push and carry.

2 Sled Push; 2 D-Ball Carry; 2 D-Ball Cleans.

You will continue to add one additional push/carry/clean for the duration of the time cap. You will push/carry 20 meters.

30:00 – 35:00

Each pair will run together for a 600 meter run within the five minute time cap.

Workout Detail:

Each pair of athletes can partition the sled pushes, D-Ball carry, and D-Ball cleans as they choose.

Aerobic Capacity


Workout Hints:

Work together and use teamwork to get through the later rounds of the workout. Keep Grinding away.

Your Score:

Total Reps

Thursday 04.01.2021 @5:30 pm

mile time trial

Each athlete will perform a One Mile Run at a Time Trial pace. This will be a all out effort. We will be utilizing the mile course starting at the corner stop sign at the southeast corner of the gym.

There will be a coach led stretching and warm up prior to the mile time trial.

Workout Detail:

This is a good test to either establish your mile time and/or test your training from the past few weeks.

Aerobic Capacity:

This will test all aspects of your training. There will be facets of all capacities.

Workout Hints:

Focus on your 100 meter splits and adjust accordingly to maintain your goal pace. Keep fighting your pace and push through the sticking point. Have a goal in mind. Go for it.

Your Score:

Total Time.

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