Proximal strength endurance news and notes 4.25.21

Flamingo Pose Week at Proximal Strength!

Barb Flamingo Pose at secret location!

Our classes have taken on a certain identity with a flamingo pose after each group class. This week please tag yourself on our Facebook or Instagram pages with your best flamingo poses at any of our group workouts, endurance, or row classes. Use #enduranceflamingo to tag you and your friends this week at the gym. This week we want to spread some community and good will with your best flamingo poses this week.

Endurance Workouts for Week of 4.25.2021

Week 3 of 12 Week Cycle

This week’s focus is on Speed Interval Work and Aerobic Threshold

On Monday, we will be training within a time constraint. Thursday will focus on aerobic capacity training with some longer interval runs at pace dictated by the athlete.

Monday 4.26.2021 @5:30 pm

Short Interval

six, four,, GO!

Six Minutes:

Run 80 (Scaled Distance 50 meters ) meters every :30 seconds. You will rest remaining time after completing the sprint interval. You will be running twelve (12) 80 (50) meter sprints total

Rest 3:00 minutes.

Four Minutes:

Run 90 (Scaled Distance 60 Meters) meters every :30 seconds. You will rest remaining time after completing the sprint interval.   You will be running eight (8) 90 (60) meter sprints.

Rest 2:00 minutes.

Two Minutes:

Run 100 (Scale Distance 70) Meters every :30 seconds. You will rest remaining time after completing the sprint interval. You will be running four (4) 100 (70) meter sprints.

Rest 1:00

One Minute:

Run 240m (Scale Distance 200 meters) within the :60 second time cap. Run to the 120 meter mark and back to start line.


Workout Detail:

We are looking for each athlete to build up to the 100 meter and 120 meter sprints at the end. Keep pushing on each :30 second interval and look for quick recovery. This is a recovery based wod.

Aerobic Capacity

Speed Endurance

Workout Hints/Pitfalls:

This workout will get very demanding quick. Focus on each interval and just get through that one, then keep moving. Just get through each time cap and get your rest.

Your Score:

We will look to record each run as a rep if your under the time cap. There is 25 intervals for a score of 25. If you fail to meet the meters programmed, then start on the scaled meter version or run for :30 seconds, rest for :30 seconds.

Thursday 4.29.21 @5:30 pm

600, 800, 1000 Meter Repeats

3×600 meter repeats, rest 2:00 between sets.

2×800 meter repeats, rest 3:00 between sets.

1×1000 meter run.


No prescribed pace. Find a good pace and if your feeling fresh or good, then attempt to push your interval time. If your legs aren’t as fresh, just keep moving . The rest periods are a little shorter, so there will be less recovery.

Workout Detail:

This would considered an active recovery workout and athletes would dictate the pace and interval intensity. Work on stride, form, and settle in for some longer runs this week.

Aerobic Capacity:

Aerobic Threshold

Workout Hints/Pitfalls:

Pitfalls will be the extended meters and mileage. You also might have a tendency to go too fast. Today is designed for longer intervals with no prescribed pace.

Your Score:

Total Time

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