Proximal strength endurance news and notes 5.9.2021

Happy Mothers Day!

We would like to honor all of those hard working moms this week.

Be sure to tell your mom you love her and appreciate all she has done for you.

Workouts for the Week of 5.9.21

This is week 5 of 12 Week Cycle.

We will focus on V02 and Lactate Threshold.

Monday 5.10.21 @5:30 pm


1 x 400m, rest 60 seconds

2 x 300m w/ 100m walk between reps

Rest 3:00

1 x 400m, rest 60 seconds

3 x 200m w/ 100m walk between reps

Rest 3:00

1 x 400m, rest 60 seconds

6 x 100m w/ 100m walk between reps

Workout Detail:

Manage your rest well; be prepared to meet your pace for each interval. This is designed to hit some intense short intervals with varying rest times including recovery walks.

Aerobic Capacity:

V02 Max

Workout Hints/Pitfalls:

Don’t over do your recovery walks. It’s not a race. Use the walks for true recovery. The intervals will get shorter but the same distance. after each 400m interval.

Total Score:

Score for Total Time.

Thursday 5.13.21@5:30 pm

time bandit

Thirty Three Minute Running Clock:

5x 5:00 minute rounds.

You will have a 2:00 rest period after each five minute round.

One round will consist of the following sequence.

Run 2:00 minutes for distance.

Rest :30 seconds.

Run back to start line within the time cap. You will have 2:30 to get back to start line. If you reach the distance on the return run before the time cap, then you get extra rest 🙂

Workout Detail:

This is designed to be a lactate push with limited rest in between timed intervals and rounds.

Aerobic Capacity:

Lactate Threshold

Workout Hints/Pitfalls:

Focus on the time constraints and not necessarily the distance covered. The goal is to match or beat your distance each round.

Total Score:

You will score the estimated amount of meters ran for all five rounds. Score each round for estimated total meters.

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