PRoximal strength news and notes for week of 5.23.21

It’s not just raining alot , but it’s raining men!

Are you summer body ready?

Are you summer body ready? Is your training getting a little stale? Too much heavy weight in your regimen? This is a good time to check us out. We focus on different aerobic capacities every week and just in time for the hot weather. Don’t get stuck in that sweaty gym with sweaty and stinky guys. Come join us out back on Monday and Thursday nights at 5:30 pm.

Workouts for the Week of 5.23.2021

This is week 7 of 12 Week Cycle.

This week we will be focusing on Lactate Threshold and V02 programming.

Monday 5.24.2021 @5:30 pm

bridge work

Jog from start line to bridge. Recover, then

12x 1 bridge repeat; rest :60 b/t repeats.

Over and Back =1 bridge repeat.

Your effort will be an attempt to maintain as fast as possible interval time for each bridge repeat.

rX+ with any form of weight vest.

Walk back to start line for recovery portion of the workout.

Workout Detail:

This will be a little different from our normal bridge repeats. This sequence will be attempting a over and back scenario in a timed effort. You will get limited rest, so be sure to get good breathing in after your interval. Focus on deep breaths and hands over head.

Aerobic Capacity:

Lactate Threshold

Workout Hints/Pitfalls:

Hit your fast paces up the bridge, you can get some recovery on the downward portion of bridge. You will hit a wall at some point on the middle portion of the workout, keep moving and maintain a doable pace.


Total Time. Record your slowest and fastest times in comments section.

Thursday 5.27.21 @5:30 pm



300m run, 200m jog, 200m run, 100m walk, 400m run (1200 Meters)

Rest 2:00 between each set.

Run Course: Run to 300m turnaround and back; 200m turnaround and back; walk to 50m turnaround and back; run to 400m turnaround and back. That’s one set. Rest 2:00. Repeat this run course three more times.

Workout Detail:

The 200m jog should be a recovery pace.  This will incorporate various paces and recovery jogs.

Your 300m, 200m, and 400m run intervals must have the same pace. Your goal is to train by maintaining <:30 seconds per 100m ran.

Aerobic Capacity:

V02 Max

Workout Hints/Pitfalls:

Hit your pace goals each round. Fight to find the consistent pace and stick with it,. Treat the recovery jog as such. There is no reason to sprint the 200 recovery to stay ahead of your buddy.


Total Time.

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