proximal strength endurance news and notes 6.27.2021

Nifty Fifty! Sometimes you get a platform to help others and make a difference. I appreciate those who I come in contact with on a daily basis that allow me to help them become better athletes everyday. You made this a truly special day that I will never forget. Love you all. Workouts for theContinue reading “proximal strength endurance news and notes 6.27.2021”

PROXimal strength news and notes week of 6.13.2021

HERO WOD WEEK! Each month we try to honor and pay our respects to our military, law enforcement, and first responders by programming a HERO WOD every third Thursday during regularly scheduled classes. This is a good time to come join us and challenge your self. HERO WODS are meant to be a little moreContinue reading “PROXimal strength news and notes week of 6.13.2021”

proximal strength news and notes week of 6.6.21

Hot Weather Creeping Back! It wasn’t too long ago we were battling the cold and winter blues. The hot weather is coming and please ensure you come to class with hydration.  We also recognize that hot weather brings potential health hazards. Please ensure to let the coaches know if your feeling overheated or dizzy.  WeContinue reading “proximal strength news and notes week of 6.6.21”