proximal strength news and notes 6.20.2021

Happy Fathers Day!

Dads who Workout are just a tad cooler!

We want to shout out to all of the fathers out there who strive in setting good examples for our children, family, and community. We also want to remember those dads who are no longer with us, but remain in our hearts and spirit.

It’s not easy being a dad, but we often have the best bods and jokes. Just ask a dad, and he often will have corny jokes on demand.

Through our faith, we must walk with integrity, be an example of what is good and right.

Live confident, lift others, no fear in the face of adversity and remain humble and serve those in need of encouragement.

The right-living act with integrity. The Children who follow their example are happy. (Proverbs 20:7)

Workouts for the week of 6.20.21

We are in week 9 of 12 Cycle.

Monday 6.21.21 @5:30 pm

just go run

3 Sets:


100 m Fast

50m walk or :30 second walk

Rest: 3 mins b/t sets.

Workout Details:

We will be targeting a 1-Mile goal pace for all 100m fast intervals. This will total 3000 meters or 1.8 miles.

Aerobic Capacity:

Speed Endurance

Workout Hints/Pitfalls:

Expect this workout to get increasingly difficult because of the volume of 1-mile goal pace intervals. Just get rest as much as you can. This will be a fast moving workout. Choose your rest period after each set.


Score each set separately for three scores.

Thursday 6.24.21 @5:30 pm

progressive insurance 

1000 m progressive run

Rest 2:00 minutes


200m Fast Pace, 100m Easy Pace.

Rest 2:00 minutes

1000 m progressive run

Workout Details:

  1. The 1000 m progressive run intervals need to have negative pacing strategy; meaning the 2nd 500 must be faster than the opening 500m. Runners need to time each 500m interval. In addition, the total time of the 2nd 1000m interval must be faster than the 1st 1000m interval.
  2. Record your time during every 200m fast interval. The 100 m easy intervals must take the same amount of time as the previous 200m fast interval (or less)
  3. Record every 1000m total time.

Aerobic Capacity:

Lactate Threshold

Workout Hints/Pitfalls:

The only pitfall will a runner blindly not tracking there times and paces. Really focus on hitting a faster pace on the 1000 m intervals. The 200/100 m sequence should also be treated likewise. How do you know your improving if you don’t detail your paces and track them?


You will score the 1000 m intervals only for two separate scores. The goal is the second interval is faster than the first interval.

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