PROximal strength news and notes 8.1.2021

Tiger Tri Results!

Couple of our endurance athletes knocking out the Tiger Tri in Republic, MO. Great job to all who participated and finished this competition. Great job everyone!

Barb, Summer and Scott Post Race!

Barb had a finish time of 1:26:12 and finished first overall in F50-54. Summer finished with a time of 1:18:39 and finished third overall in F45-49. Scott finished with a time of 1:28:48 and finished tenth in M45-49. Great job gals and guys.

Welcome Back!

Yay. Allison is back! Coming Soon to a class near you!

Hi Allison! Welcome Back!

Programming for the Week of 8.1.2021

Monday 8.2.2021 @5:30 pm


12 rounds:

Run 200m at 1mile PR pace, then immediately run 200m at 1.5x that pace. This a benchmark workout for Springfield Endurance.

(SCALED VERSION) 6 to 8 rounds ideally. This will be up to each athlete. If you feel good then keep pushing through.


This is a Speed and Aerobic Threshold workout. There will be high intensity runs with higher rest rates down to lower rest rates which is a speed threshold.


Push through the 200 meter intervals at each varying pace. Just keep moving.


Determine your paces prior to the workout.


60 seconds x 7:00 Mile PR= 420 seconds

420/8= <:53 seconds Mile PR Pace

Then :53×1.5= :79 second pace for recovery 200m

My paces would be :53 seconds for MilePR Pace and :79 seconds for 200m recovery.


Speed and Aerobic Threshold

Workout is for total time.

We last did this workout on 9.14.2020 for reference.

Thursday 8.5.2021

games edition

4×250 m run w/:60 second rest B/T. Pacing for 250 m intervals should be a moderate to fast pace. Goal pace would be <:75 seconds for faster.

Rest 3:00 after 250 m interval portion.

5x100m run w/100m recovery walk. Pacing for 100m intervals should be at a fast pace. Goal pace would be <:30seconds or faster.

Rest 3:00 after 100 m interval portion.

500m All Out Effort. The pace should be controlled, but push this run to get as fast as you can for 500 meters.

200m Recovery Walk.

500m Easy Jog.


We are hitting 1000 m increments in different capacity with 250m runs, 100m runs, and 500m runs. There are different capacities and distances, but will be a good opportunity to develop pacing strategies for each interval.


Focus on the paces and intensity levels. The 250 meter runs aren’t meant to be sprints. Start moderate and end fast on your last couple of runs. Focus on fast paces for 100m each interval. The 500 m run is used to test your ability after some lactate threshold buildup.



Total Time. You will also score your 500 m run time. There will be two separate scores on Wodify.

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