proximal strength endurance news and notes 8.8.2021

Guess Whose Back This Week?

Yay Allison. See you on Monday evening @5:30 pm.

Hi Pals!

ECHO BIKE Endurance Challenges!

This week on Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday we will post your daily ECHO Bike challenge. Be sure to check under the Endurance tab in Wodify!

Here is the first sneak peek for Tuesday:

Day #1
Round One:
4x :30 second Echo Bike Intervals.
Rest :30 between B/T Intervals.
Score Total Calories.

Rest 2:00

Round Two:
2x 1:00 Echo Bike Intervals
Rest 1:00 B/T intervals.
Score Total Calories.

Focus on developing a rhythm and discover your capacity on the Echo Bike in short capacities.

Finish with 3:00 recovery Bike. No Measure.

Have Fun and Pedal Fast!

Endurance Options at the Gym!

We Love Endurance!

We would like to point out the options available to our athletes every week beyond the normal group WODS. These classes often focus on increasing your aerobic and endurance capacities. These classes often incorporate run, row, bike, and ski. They also throw in various lighter weight movements and body weight type movements.

Here is our current schedule of classes outside of our normal group classes.

Endurance (Run):

Mon/Thurs @5:30 pm

These are led by Graham Smitham, Allison Muller, and Brian Rice. These classes will primarily focus on running and occasionally we will sprinkle in other options including sleds, bike, ski, etc.

Row Classes:

Mon-Friday 11:15am

Kathy Metz handles the 11:15 am classes. Kathy’s classes are a fun and challenging within in a smaller time frame. If you need a quick workout during your lunch, then come check it out.

Tuesday/Thursday 6:30 pm

Josh Mhire and Zach Banks cover our evening classes at 6:30 pm. You work late and unable to catch a class during the normal times, then check out the energy Josh and Zach brings to the table every week.

Mon-Saturday 7:00 am

Cindi Little handles the morning crew at 7:00 am. classes. Cindi challenges you every week with a variety of movements and great stretching and mobility. Be ready though.

Workouts for the Week of 8.8.21

Monday 8.9.21 @5:30 pm

this is odd 

8×400 meter intervals.

Your will rest the amount of time from the previous interval.

Example: If you have intervals at odd numbers, round up/down to closest number.

First Interval Time: 1:57.

Rest Period 1:57 or 2:00 minutes

Second Interval Time 1:42

Rest Period 1:40 and so on…..


The goal is to maintain a fast pace on these intervals, but your rest times will be different every round. This will test your recovery rates and train a lactate threshold.




If you come out to hot, then you will pay with a shorter rest period. Stay consistent with your paces. Don’t overthink the rest times and rest as close as you can to the previous interval ran.


Total Time

Thursday 8.12.21 @5:30 pm

bridge repeats

Twenty Minute Clock. You will run over and back. This will be a AMRAP.

Over/Back=2 reps and so on.


This will be a benchmark workout. There will be no option for wearing a vest. The workout is designed to be an aerobic threshold workout.


Aerobic Threshold


Find a comfortable pace. You won’t start feeling the effects until the ten minute mark. Make adjustments on pace and keep moving.


AMRAP repeats within the time cap. You must run the entire length to credit for any rep.

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