proximal strength news and notes week of 8.22.2021

School Daze

Every summer the school year goes by faster and faster. Just shouting out to all of our parents and kids to enjoy the first day and embrace it.

Kids work hard, focus on your goals and achieve success this year.

Parents don’t act to excited when the kids leave for school!

Week 3 Echo Bike Challenge

Hope people are getting a chance to enjoy our new Echo Bikes. The more you train on the device, the better you get. Keep at it.

Watch Wodify for this weeks workouts.

Workouts for Week of 8.22.2021

Monday 8.23.2021 @5:30 pm

airborne shuffle

4 Sets:

400m Moderate Pace (Goal Pace focus is <:30-<:40 per 100 m interval)

Rest :60

200 meter shuttle runs. No designed pace but increase intensity each interval. Goal is to hit the shuttle runs <:60 to :75 seconds. (Run to 10m and back; run to 20m and back; run to 30m and back; run to 40m and back; Done)

Rest :60

200 m Fast as you can maintain.

Rest :60 seconds between set.

After Completion of Workout there will be a Abs class.


This will be a fast moving workout with limited rest. 400m runs will be at a moderate pace. So run appropriate paces. Shuttle runs are keeping athletes moving into your fast 200m. This is designed to work on various intervals within a 400m capacity.


Speed Endurance


400m runs find a moderate pace and stick with it. Power through the shuttle runs and hit the 200 m with some intensity.


Total Time

Thursday 8.26.2021 @5:30 pm

in my belly

Thirty Minute Running Clock (AMRAP)

100 m Run 10 sit ups or 5 GHDs

200 m Run 11 Sit Ups or 6 GHDs

300m Run 12 Sit Ups or 7 GHDS

400m Run 13 Sit Ups or 8 GHDs and so on………….

You will continue this sequence by adding 100m to each run and 1 Sit Up/GHD each round.


There is no designed pace on the runs. Keep moving through the sit ups/GHDs.


Lactate Threshold


GHDs can tax your core. If you aren’t comfortable with high volume GHDs then stick with sit ups.


Total Reps (100m ran=1 rep) and Sit Ups/GHDS count as one each.

rX+ is GHDs

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