Turkey Day Hangover!

Great day for 5k Gone Bird! There was a great turnout and glad to host the even again. Thanks to Jeremy and Jenny for putting on a successful event.

Workouts for the week of 11.28.2021

Monday 11.29.2021 @5:30 pm

leg burn

Thirty-Six Minute Running Clock AMRAP:

400m run

15/12 Cals Echo Bike

300m run

12 Burpees over Sandbag

200m Burden Run w/50/35 lb sandbag.

9 Lunge Squat Sequence. Perform L/R lunge and then Air Squat w/Sandbag on back rack.

Score will be AMRAP (Rounds/Reps)

Thursday 12.2.2021


Forty Minute Overall Running Clock:


Twenty One Minute Running Clock:

Every seven minutes perform the following sequence.

600m Run, Rest :60, 300m Run. After completion rest remaining time.



Fifteen Minute Running Clock:

Every three minutes perform a 300m run for time. After completion rest remaining time.

There will be a sequence of five rounds.

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