Week of 12.26.2021

Holiday Aftermath!

Did you eat a little too much this Christmas?

Little too much in the belly this Christmas? Feeling a little sluggish from eating or drinks. We will try to sweat out the calories this week.


Monday 12.27.2021

tic tic tic lift tock

Thirty Minute Running Clock:

Ten 3 Minute Rounds

Work for :90, Rest for :90

60 meter shuttle sprint (5 meters, 10 meters, 15 meters)

3 Deadlifts (M#315/F#205) Scale weight appropriately in order to get through the reps prescribed.

Max Calories Echo Bike.

You will score the total calories on the Echo Bike for all ten rounds combined.

This will be a strength and speed workout.

Thursday 12.30.2021

two face 

Part One:

1800m run.

Can be performed on the Assault Runner or You will run our Mile Time Trial course starting at the SE corner inside the gym. This is approximately 1800 meters.

Rest 2:00

Part Two:

5 sets:

200m run as fast as you can maintain a sprint pace.

100m Easy Walk

100m Jog

No Rest B/T reps or sets.

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