January “Sock Hop” Workout

There are 11 days left for any donations you may have. This week we will be having a January Sock Hop workout. Rock your favorite socks and join us at the gym this week.

Workouts for the Week of 1.09.2022

Monday 1.10.2022 @5:30 pm

sock hop benefitting The Springfield Dream Center 

Sock Hop Group WOD benefitting The Spfld Dream Center

For today’s WOD, wear your favorite pair of crazy socks. Bring new socks, gloves, or caps to donate and support The Spfld Dreams Centers mission of providing help and hope to those in need 💙

Twenty Two Minute Running Clock:


200m Run

1 Rope Climbs (Scale with 3 Burpee Jumping Pull Ups)

You will attempt to get as many 200m runs and rope climbs within the time cap.

ABS Challenge Week 2

ABS Challenge Week 2 Monday

3 Rounds:
10 Bicycle crunch each side.
(elbow to knee, keep low back down, move with control)
20 Slow Sit ups (up quick down slow within a 5 second window)
:30 second hollow rock hold (keep low back to ground)

Thursday 1.13.2022 @5:30 pm

Mall Walker 

Part A:

2x700m fast pace, :60 sec walk b/t intervals

Rest 2:00

3×400 fast, 100m walk.

Rest 2:00

4×250 fast, :60 sec walk.

Rest 2:00

Score Total Time for Part A

Part B:

5 Minutes. Alternate runs and walk.

Run :30/Walk :30

Score total meters run/walk

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