Week of 2.27.2022 It’s been a cold February with some nice and wintry days mixed together. We hope to get over the cold stretches and move into some better days ahead. As the weather warms up and we get close to time change, we will start having more consistent outdoor classes. As for the beginningContinue reading “PROXIMAL STRENGTH ENDURANCE”


Workouts for the Week of 2.13.2022 Monday 2.14.2022 @5:30pm are you experienced? Recreational Distance: 3x300m , 1x800m, 2x400m. Experienced Distance: 4x300m, 2x800m, 3x400m. Each athlete will pick wither the recreational distance or experienced distance. Base this on your present running level. Shoot for a fast pace to moderate pace. Go with feel. If your feelingContinue reading “PROXIMAL STRENGTH”