Workouts for the Week of 2.13.2022

Monday 2.14.2022 @5:30pm

are you experienced?

Recreational Distance:

3x300m , 1x800m, 2x400m.

Experienced Distance:

4x300m, 2x800m, 3x400m.

Each athlete will pick wither the recreational distance or experienced distance. Base this on your present running level.

Shoot for a fast pace to moderate pace. Go with feel. If your feeling good push the pace.

The rest between intervals is 1:1 (work to rest)

300m runs will be inside runner, 800m runs outside, 400m runs alternate b/t outside and inside.

This will be considered a lactate threshold workout.

The score will be for total time.


Burpee Challenge Day 7=35 burpees.

Thursday 2.17.2022 @5:30pm

short timer 

Twenty-Eight (28) Minute Running Clock:

This will be programmed on inside runners.

This will be run walk format.

Round 1: Four Minutes.

:15 Run/:45 Second Walk

:30 Run/:30 Second Walk

:45 Run/:15 Walk

:60 Run.

2:00 Walk.

Round 2: Four Minute Interval

:60 Run

:15 Walk/:45 Run

:30 Run/:30 Walk

:45 Walk/:15 Run

2:00 Walk

Round 3: Four Minute Interval

:15 Run/:45 Walk

:30 Run/:30 Walk

:45 Run/:15 Walk

:60 Run

2:00 Walk

Round 4: Four Minute Interval

:60 Run

:15 Walk/:45 Run

:30 Walk/:30 Run

:45 Walk/:15 Run.

2:00 Walk

Round 5: Four Minutes.

You will run entire four minutes for a recovery jog.

This will be an aerobic threshold workout.

You will score total calories and meters for the entire duration of run and walk sequences.


Burpee Challenge Day 10=50 Burpees for time.

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