Week of 2.27.2022

It’s been a cold February with some nice and wintry days mixed together. We hope to get over the cold stretches and move into some better days ahead. As the weather warms up and we get close to time change, we will start having more consistent outdoor classes. As for the beginning of March, we will continue to sprinkle in some outside runs along with our indoor assault runners.

February Burpee Challenge!

As we finish up the month of February, we will re-do the 100 burpees for time on Monday, February 28th. If you remember your previous time, then the goal is to try to beat the time. Good Luck. This will be posted on Wodify for you to score tomorrow.

Programming for the Week of 2.27.2022

Monday 2.28.2022 @5:30 pm

Get Little Closer 

This will be a twenty-four (24) minute workout.

12 Sets:

1 Minute ON (Fast Pace)

1 Minute OFF (Rest)

Outdoor Run Course:

This workout is best performed on and out and back route.

One Set =2 minutes. There will be 12 minutes of fast running.

After running 1 minute, mark your forward progress, rest 1 minute, and run back to original starting point. The goal is to match or beat your previous interval ran.

How to pick the correct intensity: Target a 90% max effort. Feel fast but controlled. Continue to optimize your intensity (faster or slower) based on you feel during the 2nd interval. You should have your pace settled before finishing the 3rd interval.

Inside Run Course:

Run 1 Minute ON (Fast Pace), after completion of run, look at meters ran.

Step off runner and rest :60 seconds.

Reset your runner.

You will attempt to match or beat meters ran from the previous interval.

Once you have achieved the meters ran, then commence into a walk on the runner to close out the interval until the next rest period.

You will have two scores for this workout.

Score 1: Longest Meters Run (There will be six (6) 1:00 minute intervals)

Score 2: Slowest Interval Time (There will be six (6) intervals for time)

This is a speed workout.

Thursday 3.3.2022 @5:30 pm

Almost 500

1x (320m Fast, 160m Easy)=480 meters on Assault Runner

Rest 1 min,

2x(320m Fast, 160m Easy)=960 meters on Assault Runner

Rest 2 min,

3x(320m Fast, 160m Easy)=1440 meters on Assault Runner

Rest 4 min,

4x(320m Fast, 160m Easy)=1920 meters on Assault Runner

Run Sequence for the Workout:


Goal is for your Fast Interval Time=Easy Interval Time throughout the workout. The easy interval will be a combination of walk/jog.

Example: You run 320 in :90 seconds, then your easy interval must equal :90 seconds. Get as close as you can on each interval.

The total meters for the workout is 4800 meters or approximately 2.98 miles.

You will score for total overall time.

This would be considered a V02 Max Workout.

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