Crawl, Run, Walk Challenge!

See you Crawl, then Run, then Walk. Got It!

During the month of March we will introduce a new challenge. This will be titled, “CRAWL, RUN, WALK!”

This will kick off on Monday, March 7th.

The challenge will involve running, walking and bear crawls. You will start with a 5 meter bear crawl, 100m run/jog, 100m walk. Each day we will progressively add 5 meters to the bear crawl and 100 meters to the run/jog/walk. The goal is to give you a chance to do a daily run and ultimately by the end of the month you will run a mile for time.

If your looking to start running this will be a great program to get going in small chunks each and every day. The ultimate goal will be testing your mile time or if you have a goal of just running a mile unbroken. So dust off those running shoes and get to moving.

We will post the daily challenges on Wodify under the Endurance tab.

At the end of each week’s challenges, you will run your distance for time. Be the end you will have timed intervals of 400m, 800m, 1200m, and 1600m. This will give you a good indication of where your mile time should be by the end.


Monday, 3.7.22 @5:30 pm

Crawl, Run, Walk

Thirty Minute Running Clock:

8 Minutes: AMRAP

5 Meter Bear Crawl

100m run

100m Walk Around Gym or Outside Walk

Rest 2:00

8 Minutes: AMRAP

10 Meter Bear Crawl

200m Run

100m Walk Around Gym or Outside Walk,

Rest 2:00

10 Minutes: AMRAP

15 Meter Bear Crawl

300m run

100m Walk Around Gym or Outside Walk.

This kickoffs off our monthly challenge for March.

You will score each timed interval. You will score AMRAP of runs only.

10m=1 Rep for any partial runs.

Thursday 3.10.22 @5:30 pm

Two Face 

Part 1:

200m Moderate Pace, rest :15 sec.

400m Moderate Pace, rest :30 sec.

600m Moderate Pace, rest :45 sec.

800m Moderate Pace, rest :60 sec.

Part 2:

10x150m any Pace, :10 second rest.

Moderate paces are generally little slower than your fast paces. Your goal will be :03-:05 seconds slower per 100m ran. If you run a :20 second 100m fast pace, then your goal would :23-:25.

Coorelate these figures by calculating :03-:05 seconds per 100m ran for each interval.

The finishing time for each 150m interval should be +/- 1 sec. Stay consistent and find a pace you can maintain each interval. There is a tight window on your pace. So don’t go at a pace you can’t maintain.

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