Week of 3.27.22

Benchmark Week!

Who is with me?

This week we will be testing two benchmark workouts from our program. We like to test our capacities every once and awhile in our programming. It’s very simple, but often effective. This week we will be on the bridge, and then do a Mile Time Trial on Thursday. This is a good week to check us out.

Crawl, Run, Walk

This is the final week for the crawl, run and walk challenges.

You will perform:

85/90/95/100 m Bear Crawls

1300/1400/1500/1600 m Run and Walks.

Record your One Mile Time to see if you have made any progress.

Workouts for the Week of 3.27.22

Monday, 3.38.22 @5:30 pm

bridge repeats

Twenty Minute Clock:


As many over and back on the bridge. Over and back is two reps and so on.

This is a good aerobic workout with no particular pace, but keep a steady pace throughout the workout.

Score the total amount of intervals competed within the time cap.

We have a rX+ version which the athlete will wear a weight vest. If you choose to wear a vest, then feel free to do the workout with a vest.

After the bridge repeats, there will be a coach led Abs Class.

Thursday, 3.31.22 @5:30 pm

one mile time trial

This will be a max effort one mile run for time.

It is recommended to not wear any timing device and base your pace on how hard you feel like pushing the tempo. Find a pace and run fast.

After the time trial, recover fully.

We will then do some sled work.

sled work make the legs work

Fifteen Minute Running Clock:

Work two minutes (2:00), rest :60 x5

You will push 25 feet one way, and then push back 25 feet. Repeat sequence for the entire two minute duration.

Males use one #45 lb plate, Females us one #25 lb plate. If you want to add weight, this will be up to each individual athlete.

There is no measure on this workout. You can also pair up with a partner on this workout.

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