Do you feel like this? You never know until you try it. Just like most workouts, you can scale our running workouts too. The main thing is to just get started somewhere. We always encourage athletes to step away from the regular group wods and check us out.

Workouts for the Week of 4.10.22

Monday 4.11.22 @5:30 pm


12 rounds:

Run 200m at 1mile PR pace, then immediately run 200m at 1.5x that pace. This a benchmark workout for Proximal Endurance.

(SCALED VERSION) 6 to 8 rounds ideally. This will be up to each athlete. If you feel good then keep pushing through.

This is a Speed and Aerobic Threshold workout. There will be high intensity runs with higher rest rates down to lower rest rates which is a speed threshold.

Push through the 200 meter intervals at each varying pace. Just keep moving.

Determine your paces prior to the workout.


60 seconds x 7:00 Mile PR= 420 seconds

420/8= <:53 seconds Mile PR Pace

Then :53×1.5= :79 second pace for recovery 200m

My paces would be :53 seconds for MilePR Pace and :79 seconds for 200m recovery.

Workout is for total time.

Thursday 4.14.22 @5:30 pm

1000 ways 

1000m progressive run intervals need to have negative pacing strategy, meaning the 2nd 500m must be faster than the opening 500m. Time each 500m interval. You may need to reset or check your time after the opening interval to beat the time ran.

Rest 2:00

7x(200m fast pace, 100m easy pace), check each 200m interval for time. The 100m easy intervals must take the same amount of time as the previous 200m fast interval (or less).

Rest 2:00

1000m progressive run. The total run time of this interval must be faster than the first 1000m interval.

There will be two scores on this workout. You will score each 1000m run for time.

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