Good Luck Louis!

I first met Louis a couple of years ago and immediately loved his energy and attitude. I instantly challenged him the first day I met him to get better and stronger. We love you buddy. Good Luck in your journey.

If you don’t know Louis Chaix, he’s been a member Proximal Strength for the past two years while he’s attended school and played hockey Missouri State. When Louis was 6 years old, he developed a rare skin disorder, Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN), the most severe form of Steven Johnson Syndrome, that almost took his life. Thankfully, Louis fought, survived, and is here with us today. Now he’s raising funds and awareness to help others who are fighting the same battle he’s fought by rollerblading from LA to NY, starting June 1st!

You can track his journey on Instagram

Bonne chance!

Workouts for the Week of 5.22.22

Monday 5.23.22 @5:30 pm

"MURPH" Amrap

Forty Minute Running Clock:

Round 1: Twelve Minutes:
200m Run
10 Push Ups
Rest 3:00

Round 2:
Twelve Minutes:
300m Run
5 Strict Pull Ups
Rest 3:00

Round 3:
Twelve Minutes:
100m Run
30 Air Squats to Med Ball.

Athletes can wear a vest to train for Murph for a Rx+ version.

You will score each twelve minute interval for reps.

Example: You complete 5 rounds in time cap. This would be 5 reps for running and 50 reps for push ups. Total 55 reps.

100m=1 rep.

Thursday 5.26.22 @5:30 pm

"Four" Get This

4 Sets:
400m Fast,
Rest :60 seconds,
150m Controlled Sprint. Run as fast as you can maintain a sprint type pace.

After 150m sprint, conduct recovery walk to 400 meter turnaround and back to start line.

Rest 5:00 minutes b/t sets.

This will fall under a V02 max level workout with shorter intervals at higher intensities and longer rest periods.

You will score for total time.

Proximal Endurance

Week of 5.15.2022

Ready for the Summer!

Warm weather is here! We are ready for the summer. Come check us out on Monday and Thursday night @5:30 pm.

We are ready for the summer!

Workouts for the week of 5.15.2022

Monday 5.16.2022 @5:30 pm

Chip Away (Proximal Endurance Benchmark Chipper)

1000 m run
90 Double Unders or Singles
800 m row
70 Air Squats
600 m Ski
50 Push Ups
40 Cals Echo Bike
30 GHDs or Sit Ups
20 Burpees
10x50m shuttle runs

This workout will be for total time.

Thursday 5.19.2022 @5:30 pm

X C 

3 Sets:
10x(100m Fast, 50m or :30 sec walk)
Rest 3:00 b/t sets.

This is a speed workout with limited rest and short intervals.

Focus on your paces each set. The goal is to stay consistent on each interval and set.

There is plenty of rest b/t sets.

You will score three separate sets for time.

Proximal Endurance

Week of 5.8.2022

Shout out to all of the strong mama’s whose efforts are often unpaid, tireless, and overlooked. at times. It’s a 365 days a year, 24/7 job.

Thanks for being awesome Mom.

Monday 5.9.2022 @5:30 pm

Old School 

Run for total time:

This will be a lactate threshold workout.

Run 1000m Fast to Moderate Pace.
Jog 200m
Run 800m Fast to Moderate Pace.
Jog 200m
500m Sprint or as fast as you can maintain.
Walk 200m
300m Sprint or as fast as you can maintain.
Walk 200m.

Focus on hitting moderate to fast paces on the 1000m and 800m runs.

There is a quick turnaround on the recovery jogs. Hit your 500m and 300m runs as fast as you can maintain. Use the walks to get full recovery.

After completion of workout, rest 4:00 minutes and perform recovery 100m shuttle runs.

Recovery Portion:

Ten Minute Clock: AMRAP

Run 100m shuttle runs.

100m=1 rep.

Thursday 5.12.22 @5:30 pm

Not Quite 

Run 1500m Easy Pace
Rest 3:00
Run 1500m Easy to Moderate Pace
Rest 3:00
Run 1500m Moderate to Fast Pace.

The goal is to have negative (-) splits every 500m ran. You will start out at easy pace and work your way up to a fast pace by the end.

This will be a aerobic capacity workout.

4500 total meters.

Each 1500m run will be considered a round. You will score each run separately for three different scores.


Workouts for the Week of 5.1.2022

It’s Gonna Be…………..

It’s Gonna Be May!

As we transition through a busy season of proms, graduations, and the end of the school year, it’s gonna be a great month to join us with warmer weather on the way.

We have some great workouts this week. Check us out on Monday/Thursday evening @5:30 pm.

Workouts for the Week of 5.1.2022

Monday 5.2.2022 @5:30 pm


Run for Total Time:

500m Fast>100m Walk>100m Fast>100m Walk.

300m Fast>100m Walk>100m Fast>100m Walk.

100m Fast>100m Walk>100m Fast>100m Walk.

Rest 3:00

200m Fast>100m Walk>200m Fast>200m Walk.

400m Fast>100m Walk>200m Fast>200m Walk.

600m Fast>100m Walk>200m Fast>200m Walk.


This workout is designed to have built in rest with your recovery walks. This is a V02 Max workout. Lower distance intervals with high intensity and more rest B/T sets or intervals.

Push the fast paces and get a good recovery walk. Don’t go to fast on the walk. Get your recovery.

There is a total of 3000m run and 1500m walk.

Scale the meters if necessary if your a beginner runner. Focus on just getting through the intervals and build up your speed as your get more comfortable with your pace and speed.

You will score for total time.

Thursday 5.5.2022 @5:30 pm

Cinco De "Murph"

Perform for total time.

400m Run

(1) Round of Cindy.

5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Air Squats.

400m Run

(2) Rounds of Cindy.

400m Run

(3) Rounds of Cindy.

400m Run

(4) Rounds of Cindy.

If you want to get ready for Memorial Day Murph, then this will be a good workout to don your weight vest. Perform Cindy as prescribed in order.

Completion of this workout you will have completed 1/2 of the workout “Murph” (50 Pull Ups/100 Push Ups/150 Air Squats/1 Mile Run).