Running Struggles?

Do you often feel like you have two left feet? We can help out and avoid those fears and hang ups about running. We aim to present and conduct challenging warm ups and running workouts every week, but we also adapt to each runners capabilities and capacity with scaling options for each workout we program. We would love to see your out there with us.

Is this how your runs turn out? Two left feet.

Workouts for the Week of 6.5.2022

Monday 6.6.2022 @5:30 pm

It's Possible 

3 Sets:
400m Moderate Pace
:10 sec rest or 50 meter recovery walk;
200m at Faster Pace
:10 sec rest or 50 meter recovery walk;
300m at Fast Pace
:10 sec rest or 50 meter recovery walk;
100m at Fastest Pace or Sprint.
Rest 3:00

This will be a Lactate Threshold workout with a higher volume sets and limited rest in between.

Focus on your paces and work up from moderate to fast paces at the end of each set.

You will score each set for time for three (3) separate scores. Try to maintain consistent times and paces on each set across the board.

Thursday 6.9.2022 @5:30 pm

Two Stroke 

1000 m Moderate Pace,
500m up to 3 min Easy Pace;
Rest 1:00
800m Moderate Pace,
400m up to 2 min Easy Pace;
Rest 1:00
600m Moderate Pace,
300m up to :90 seconds Easy Pace;
Rest 1:00
400m Moderate Pace,
200m up to :60 seconds Easy Pace.

This workout has 2 speeds moderate and easy.

The core focus in this workout is the moderate intervals. Pick an aggressive (& sustainable) speed that you can hold for all 3000m of moderate-paced intervals.

The easy intervals should be slow enough to allow partial recovery. Focus on getting control of your breathing during the initial 30sec of each easy interval.

Start getting your mindset prepared for your next moderate interval in the final 30sec of each easy interval. 🏃‍♀️

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