Coast to Coast!

Way to go Louis!

45 Days, 10 hours, 44 seconds.

2,902.41 Miles / 4 670.98 Km

132,872 ft of elevation/ 40 499.39 mètres d’élévation.

Set a new world record, but more importantly we accomplished the goal of giving hope one stride at a time and be a part of something greater than ourselves.

I said I would. And I did.

Venice Beach to Times Square ✔️

We are so proud of this accomplishment! Incredible. Now on to your next challenge!

Workouts for the Week of 7.17.22

Monday 7.18.22 @5:30 pm

Ball and Chain!

Kettlebell Deadlift 
6x8 Use (2) KBs, after each set run/jog 150m inside or outside. 

Twenty Minute Time Cap: 
Perform the following for time. 

Use 100/70lb D. Ball or 30/25lb Wall Ball. 

100m run (In or Out)
20 D. Ball Squats 
200m run (In or Out)
15 D. Ball Cleans over Shoulder
300m run (In or Out) 
10 D. Ball Squat Cleans
400m run (In or Out) 
5 D. Ball Squat Cleans then over shoulder. 

Thursday 7.21.22 @5:30 pm 

Climb the Ladder

Thirty Minute running clock: 
Each athlete will run the following sequence for total meters. 

100m Assault Runner 
100m Outside run
5/2 Cals Echo Bike 

200m Assault Runner 
200m Outside Run 
6/3 Cals Echo Bike 

Continue the below sequence each subsequent round. 

Each subsequent round: 
+100m Assault Runner 
+100m Outside Run
+1 Echo Bike Calorie  

You will score total meters ran for Assault Runner+Outside runs and total calories on Echo Bike. 

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