New Faces and Same Results!

We have some new faces over the past few weeks. Thanks for those trying something new and appreciate the efforts week in and week out from the new faces to our endurance veterans. We are a great community and we continue to do great things every week.

Workouts for the Week of 8.7.22

Monday 8.8.22 @5:30 pm

Hold It Down!

600m at Moderate Pace, :60 second rest. 

400m run Fast Pace. 

Rest 2:00 

400m at Moderate/Fast pace, :60 second rest b/t

3x200m run Fast pace, walk 100m b/t. 

Rest 2:00 

6x100m sprints EMOM. 


Rest 2:00 

1600m recovery jog/walk. 

Run 100m, Walk 100m. 

You will score for this workout for total time. Do not include the 1600m recovery jog/walk portion in your overall time. 

Thursday 8.11.22 @5:30 pm

Proximal Strength “Capitol”

This is a version of the 2022 NoBull CF Games individual workout “The Capitol”

20 Tire Flips (pick any tire out back and flip it)

Run the Nathaniel Green Park loop.

You will continue and run West on Sunset towards Nathaniel Greene Park and run the loop around the park pond, you will then run back towards to the Kansas Expressway overpass bridge. Go over and back and then run back to the ramp at the gym. Upon completion of run, you will then perform:

100 meter Farmers Carry 100/70/55/35 (2 KBs) or 70/50/35 (2 DBs) Start at ramp and go to the 200m turnaround mark and back to ramp.

150 meter D. Ball Carry 150/100/70 (You must carry ball in bearhug position) Start at ramp and to the 200m turnaround mark and back to Endurance class start line.

You will complete for total time.

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