It doesn’t matter if this first day of Kindergarten or Move In day to college. We wish everyone a smooth transition back to school. Shout out to teachers and parents who shuffle your kids in and out of school and the various activities.

Workouts for the Week of 8.21.22

Monday 8.22.22 @5:30 pm

Three's Company 
Part 1:  
300m run Easy to Moderate pace. 
rest :60
300m run Moderate to Fast pace. 
rest :60
400m at moderate pace to Fast Pace
Rest 3:00 

Part 2: 
3x200m run Fast Pace 
3x150 run Fast Pace 
rest :30 b/t each interval. 
Rest 2:00 

Part 3:
Run paces as fast as you can maintain. This can be anywhere from a moderate to fast pace. Base your pace on feel and how your legs are feeling. 
400m run, walk 100m
300m run, walk 100m 
200m run, walk 50m 
150m run. Done. 

Total distance: 3450 meters. 

Thursday 8.25.22 @5:30 pm

Bridge Time
There will be a thirty-five minute running clock. 
Complete as many over and backs as possible within the time cap.
Run over and back for time, rest :90 b/t intervals. 

Your pace will be determined by each athlete. 

You will record the workout for total reps completed (Over/Back=1) and you will record your slowest interval time.  

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