That’s a WRAP!

HOA 2022 is a wrap!

Lots of sweat, blood, and tears this weekend. Great weekend with our team, GeriatRX and some old friends for whom we have been competing against for years from Bar X Crossfit. There were lots of great performances and efforts this weekend. Shout out to Proximal Strength for hosting and putting on a terrific comp this year.

Workouts for the Week of 9.25.22

Monday 9.26.22 @5:30 pm

We will be providing an active recovery workout and mobility/stretching for any athletes who competed this past weekend.

Thirty Minutes: Stretching and mobility.

Twenty Minutes:

There’s Something About Mary!


Athlete will run 100m and rest remaining time within each minutes. You will repeat this sequence for the duration.

There is no prescribed pace. Just finish the 100m run within the minute.

You will score your slowest timed interval.

Active Recovery Workout:

For those athletes looking to loosen up from HOA and get the legs moving from the weekend.

You will still work under the twenty minute time cap. You will start with walking only for 200m. Depending on how you feel, then repeat a sequence of 50m easy jog/50m walk. Keep this pattern for the duration of the time cap.

You can also just walk for 200m too. Just keep moving.

Thursday 9.29.22


45 Minute Running Clock:

Walk 50 meters, jog 150m, rest :10 seconds, run 200m Fast Pace = 1 Round.

Rest :30

Repeat this sequence in AMRAP style (Rounds and Reps)

If you are in the middle of the round, 100m=1 Rep.

The run sequence will consist of walking to 50 meter mark, jogging to the 200m turnaround mark, then 200m run back to start line. All runs will be within a 400m course.

The 150 m jog should be at a easy conversational pace.

The 200m run will be at a pace as you can maintain equal or faster than your MILE PR pace.

This will be a aerobic workout with elements of speed.


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