Good Luck to some of our athletes tomorrow in the Bass Pro Conservation Marathon.

Workouts for the Week of 11.6.22

Monday 11.7.22


Part 1:


800m moderate pace

300m walk after each rep.

Part 2:

150m controlled sprint as fast as you can maintain

150m walk after each rep.

Part 1 will be an aerobic workout. Part 2 will be a speed workout.

You will score each part separate.

Scaled or Beginner Runner:

Part 1: 4x

400m (Run 50 meters, Walk 50 meters)

You will run a total of 1600m.

Part 2: 4x

100m run.

100m walk.


Proximal Strength Endurance Veteran's Day WOD

Perform 11 rounds for time. 
11 Burpee Pull Ups 
11/8 Cals Echo Bike 
220 meter run.  
We are honoring our veterans for this workout. Take time during the day to thank a veteran or do something for a veteran that day. 
If you want to wear a weight vest, feel free to wear one. 

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